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2020 Free objects in constraint-logic object-oriented programmingDageförde, Jan C.; Kuchen, Herbert
2020 Patient portals in German hospitals: Status quo and quo vadisPlattfaut, Ralf; Coners, André; Becker, Jörg; Vollenberg, Carolin; Koch, Julian; Godefroid, Marie; Halbach-Türscherl, David
2020 IT/IS strategy research and digitalization: An extensive literature reviewTeubner, Alexander; Stockhinger, Jan
2019 How digitalization drives the IT/IS strategy agendaStockhinger, Jan; Teubner, Alexander
2019 A model-driven approach for graphical user interface modernization reusing legacy servicesBünder, Hendrik
2017 A data model inference algorithm for schemaless process modelingRieger, Christoph
2017 Challenges of data management and analytics in omni-channel CRMTrautmann, Heike; Vossen, Gottfried; Homann, Leschek; Carnein, Matthias; Kraume, Karsten
2016 A program transformation for converting Java assertions into control-flow statementsCaballero, Rafael; von Hof, Vincent; Montenegro, Manuel; Kuchen, Herbert
2016 Technology selection for big data and analytical applicationsLehmann, Denis; Fekete, David; Vossen, Gottfried
2015 A classification framework for data marketplacesVomfell, Lara; Stahl, Florian; Schomm, Fabian; Vossen, Gottfried
2015 Marketplaces for digital data: Quo vadis?Stahl, Florian; Schomm, Fabian; Vomfell, Lara; Vossen, Gottfried
2014 SaaS cloud computing in small and medium enterprises: A comparison between Germany and New ZealandDillon, Stuart; Vossen, Gottfried
2014 Implementing the WiPo architectureStahl, Florian; Godde, Adrian; Hagedorn, Bastian; Köpcke, Bastian; Rehberger, Martin; Vossen, Gottfried
2014 Information systems freshmen teaching: Case experience from day onePflanzl, Nicolas; Bergener, Katrin; Stein, Armin; Vossen, Gottfried
2014 The data marketplace survey revisitedStahl, Florian; Schomm, Fabian; Vossen, Gottfried
2013 State of and perspectives for IS strategy research: A discussion paperTeubner, Rolf Alexander; Pellengahr, Alexander Robert
2013 Promoting business process management excellence in Russia: Proceedings and report of the PropelleR 2012 Workshop held in Moscow, April 24 to 26, 2012Becker, Jörg; Matzner, Martin
2012 The IT strategy divide: Professional practice and academic debateTeubner, Rolf Alexander; Pellengahr, Alexander; Mocker, Martin
2012 Marketplaces for data: An initial surveyStahl, Florian; Schomm, Fabian; Vossen, Gottfried
2012 Towards an IT consumerization theory: A theory and practice reviewNiehaves, Björn; Köffer, Sebastian; Ortbach, Kevin; Katschewitz, Stefan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 30
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