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Bonanno, Giacomo
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Working Paper 10-1
We study belief change in the branching-time structures introduced in [4]. First, we identify a property of branching-time frames that is equivalent to AGM-consistency, which is defined as follows. A frame is AGM-consistent if the partial belief revision function associated with an arbitrary state-instant pair and an arbitrary model based on that frame can be extended to a full belief revision function that satisfies the AGM postulates. Second, we provide a set of modal axioms that characterize the class of AGM-consistent frames within themodal logic introduced in [4]. Third, we introduce a generalization of AGM belief revision functions that allows a clear statement of principles of iterated belief revision and discuss iterated revision both semantically and syntactically.
branching time
belief revision
iterated belief revision
plausibility ordering
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Working Paper

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