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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013European electricity generation post-2020: Renewable energy not to be underestimatedvon Hirschhausen, Christian; Kemfert, Claudia; Kunz, Friedrich; Mendelevitch, Roman
2013"Investment in energy transition has unequivocally positive impact on economy": Six questions to Claudia KemfertKemfert, Claudia; Wittenberg, Erich
2011The moratorium on nuclear energy: No power shortages expectedKemfert, Claudia; Traber, Thure
2011"The lights won't go out"Kemfert, Claudia; Wittenberg, Erich
2015German nuclear phase-out enters the next stage: Electricity supply remains secure - Major challenges and high costs for dismantling and final waste disposalvon Hirschhausen, Christian; Gerbaulet, Clemens; Kemfert, Claudia; Reitz, Felix; Ziehm, Cornelia
2015Electricity grids and climate targets: New approaches to grid planningMieth, Robert; Weinhold, Richard; Gerbaulet, Clemens; von Hirschhausen, Christian R.; Kemfert, Claudia
2015European climate targets achievable without nuclear powerKemfert, Claudia; Gerbaulet, Clemens; von Hirschhausen, Christian; Lorenz, Casimir; Reitz, Felix
2015"Public service fund could ensure access to the provisions of nuclear power plant operators": Six questions to Claudia KemfertKemfert, Claudia; Wittenberg, Erich
2014Coal power endangers climate targets: Calls for urgent actionOei, Pao-Yu; Kemfert, Claudia; Reitz, Felix; von Hirschhausen, Christian
2014European energy and climate policy requires ambitious targets for 2030Kemfert, Claudia; von Hirschhausen, Christian; Lorenz, Casimir