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2017 Incentives for the long-term integration of renewable energies: A plea for a market value modelNeuhoff, Karsten; May, Nils; Richstein, Jörn
2017 Real estate price polarization projected to increase until 2030 in GermanyWestermeier, Christian; Grabka, Markus M.
2017 Foreign exchange market interventions: A frequently used and effective toolMenkhoff, Lukas; Stöhr, Tobias
2017 "A more balanced policy mix would be more successful": Seven questions for Philipp Engler and Mathias KleinEngler, Philipp; Klein, Mathias; Wittenberg, Erich
2017 There is a lot left to do to reach gender equality in GermanyWrohlich, Katharina
2017 Gender pay gap varies greatly by occupationWrohlich, Katharina
2017 Refugee integration: A worthwile investmentBach, Stefan; Brücker, Herbert; Haan, Peter; Romiti, Agnese; van Deuverden, Kristina; Weber, Enzo
2017 Crude oil: Market trends and simulations point toward stable equilibriumZaklan, Aleksandar; Ansari, Dawud; Kemfert, Claudia
2017 German economy booming but not to the point of overheatingFichtner, Ferdinand; Ansari, Dawud; Baldi, Guido; Brenke, Karl; Bruns, Martin; Clemens, Marius; van Deuverden, Kristina; Dreger, Christian; Engerer, Hella; Fratzscher, Marcel; Gebauer, Stefan; Junker, Simon; Michelsen, Claus; Rieth, Malte; Schlaak, Thore; Zaklan, Aleksandar
2017 Gender gaps in pensions and health: Germany, France, and DenmarkHaan, Peter
2017 "Little room for maneuver with tax relief in the medium term": Interview with Stefan BachBach, Stefan; Wittenberg, Erich
2017 Children from migrant backgrounds: Who are their Kita peers?Gambaro, Ludovica
2017 "Education is the driving force for labor market integration": Seven questions for Stefan BachBach, Stefan; Wittenberg, Erich
2017 "The higher educated, the more optimistic about the consequences of refugee immigration": Eight questions for Philipp EisneckerEisnecker, Philipp; Wittenberg, Erich
2017 Policy goals in the eyes of the public: Preservation of the liberal democratic order remains most importantGiesselmann, Marco; Siegel, Nico A.; Spengler, Thorsten; Wagner, Gert G.
2017 Chinese foreign direct investment in Europe follows conventional modelsDreger, Christian; Schüller, Margot
2017 "Companies should have more women on all levels of the hierarchy": Seven questions for Elke HolstHolst, Elke; Wittenberg, Erich
2017 2016 Heat Monitor: "Second rent" lower despite higher heating energy consumptionMichelsen, Claus; Ritter, Nolan
2017 Top decision-making bodies in large companies: Gender quota shows initial impact on supervisory boards executive board remains a male bastionHolst, Elke; Wrohlich, Katharina
2017 Real income rose significantly between 1991 and 2014 on average: First indication of return to increased income inequalityGrabka, Markus M.; Goebel, Jan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 430