SSE/EFI Working Paper Series in Economics and Finance, EFI - The Economic Research Institute, Stockholm School of Economics

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Optimal investment under partial informationBjörk, Tomas; Davis, Mark H. A.; Landén, Camilla
2010 Should day care be subsidized?Domeij, David; Klein, Paul
2010 Gender differences in competitiveness and risk taking: Comparing children in Colombia and SwedenCárdenas, Juan-Camilo; Dreber, Anna; von Essen, Emma; Ranehilld, Eva
2010 Costly renegotiation in repeated Bertrand gamesAndersson, Ola; Wengström, Erik
2010 Adaptive hybrid Metropolis-Hastings samplers for DSGE modelsStrid, Ingvar; Giordani, Paolo; Kohn, Robert
2010 Cross-border mergers and greenfield foreign direct investmentStepanok, Ignat
2009 Uncovered interest parity in a partially Dollarized developing country: Does UIP hold in Bolivia (and if not, why not?)Melander, Ola
2009 Inequality trends in Sweden 1978 - 2004Domeij, David; Flodén, Martin
2009 Group selection: The quest for social preferencesSalomonsson, Marcus
2009 Optimal categorizationMohlin, Erik
2009 Finding all minimal CURB setsKlimm, Max; Weibull, Jörgen W.
2009 When does the price affect the taste? Results from a wine experimentAlmenberg, Johan; Dreber, Anna
2009 Outrunning the gender gap: Boys and girls compete equallyDreber, Anna; von Essen, Emma; Ranehill, Eva
2009 A generalization of the Shapley-Ichiishi resultKuipers, Jeroen; Vermeulen, Dries; Voorneveld, Mark
2009 Epistemic robustness of sets closed under rational behaviorAsheim, Geir; Voorneveld, Mark; Weibull, Jörgen W.
2009 Automatic fiscal stabilizers in Sweden 1998 - 2009Flodén, Martin
2009 The impact of US regional business cycles on remittances to Latin AmericaMagnusson, Kristin
2009 Introducing a spread into the Kyle modelSalomonsson, Marcus
2009 The effects of real exchange rate shocks in an economy with extreme liability dollarizationMelander, Ola
2009 Mental accounting in the housing marketAlmenberg, Johan; Karapetyan, Artashes
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 316