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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014Cash management and payment choices: A simulation model with international comparisonsArango, Carlos; Bouhdaoui, Yassine; Bounie, David; Eschelbach, Martina; Hernández, Lola
2014The financial accelerator and market-based debt instruments: A role for maturities?Kühl, Michael
2014Inflation, deflation, and uncertainty: What drives euro area option-implied inflation expectations and are they still anchored in the sovereign debt crisis?Scharnagl, Michael; Stapf, Jelena
2014Contagious herding and endogenous network formation in financial networksGeorg, Co-Pierre
2014International banking and liquidity risk transmission: Lessons from across countriesBuch, Claudia M.; Goldberg, Linda
2014Mitigating financial stress in a bank-financed economy: Equity injections into banks or purchases of assets?Kühl, Michael
2014Household saving behavior and credit constraints in the Euro areaLe Blanc, Julia; Porpiglia, Alessandro; Teppa, Federica; Zhu, Junyi; Ziegelmeyer, Michael
2014The distribution of debt across euro area countries: The role of individual characteristics, institutions and credit conditionsBover, Olympia; Casado, Jose Maria; Costa, Sonia; Du Caju, Philip; McCarthy, Yvonne; Sierminska, Eva; Tzamourani, Panagiota; Villanueva, Ernesto; Zavadil, Tibor
2014Do correlated defaults matter for CDS premia? An empirical analysisKoziol, Christian; Koziol, Philipp; Schön, Thomas
2014The multivariate option iPoD framework: assessing systemic financial riskMatros, Philipp; Vilsmeier, Johannes