Discussion Papers, Deutsche Bundesbank

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2019 Information effects of euro area monetary policy: New evidence from high-frequency futures dataKerssenfischer, Mark
2019 Connectedness between G10 currencies: Searching for the causal structureBettendorf, Timo; Heinlein, Reinhold
2019 What drives the short-term fluctuations of banks' exposure to interest rate risk?Memmel, Christoph
2019 Anatomy of regional price differentials: Evidence from micro price dataWeinand, Sebastian; von Auer, Ludwig
2019 Who benefits from using property taxes to finance a labor tax wedge reduction?Stähler, Nikolai
2019 Monetary policy, housing, and collateral constraintsFranz, Thorsten
2019 The interest rate exposure of euro area householdsTzamourani, Panagiota
2019 The nonlinear dynamics of corporate bond spreads: Regime-dependent effects of their determinantsFischer, Henning; Stolper, Oscar
2019 Model and estimation risk in credit risk stress testsGrundke, Peter; Pliszka, Kamil; Tuchscherer, Michael
2019 Procyclical leverage in Europe and its role in asset pricingBaltzer, Markus; Koehl, Alexandra; Reitz, Stefan
2018 Banks' equity stakes and lending: Evidence from a tax reformvon Beschwitz, Bastian; Foos, Daniel
2018 A note on the predictive power of survey data in nowcasting euro area GDPKurz-Kim, Jeong-Ryeol
2018 Uncertainty about QE effects when an interest rate peg is anticipatedGerke, Rafael; Giesen, Sebastian; Kienzler, Daniel
2018 Global liquidity and exchange market pressure in emerging market economiesHossfeld, Oliver; Pramor, Marcus
2018 Convertible bonds and bank risk-takingMartynova, Natalya; Perotti, Enrico C.
2018 Unconventional monetary policy, bank lending, and security holdings: The yield-induced portfolio rebalancing channelPaludkiewicz, Karol
2018 Mixed frequency models with MA componentsForoni, Claudia; Marcellino, Massimiliano; Stevanović, Dalibor
2018 The international transmission of monetary policyBuch, Claudia M.; Bussiere, Matthieu; Goldberg, Linda; Hills, Robert
2018 International trade and retail market performance and structure: Theory and empirical evidenceMeinen, Philipp; Raff, Horst
2018 Fiscal regimes and the (non)stationarity of debtHollmayr, Josef
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 347
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