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2021 Duisburg and its port, endpoint of China's silk road: Opportunities and risksPascha, Werner
2021 Road and Belt, Iron Silk Road and Russian-Chinese geopolitical cooperation and competitionLukin, Artyom
2021 South Korea, China and the Road and Belt Initiative: Economic and political factorsBarannikova, Anastasia
2021 Kim Jong-un's Byungjin Policy: Support or obstacle for economic convergence on the Korean peninsula?Wrobel, Ralph
2021 China in Africa: Competitor of the EU?Ahrens, Joachim; Kalkschmied, Katja
2021 The iron silk road and North Korea: Is there any chance to move forward?Seliger, Bernhard
2021 Korea and Germany as endpoints of the new silk road: Opportunities for cooperationSeidt, Hans-Ulrich
2021 Trade effects on happiness in AsiaHeß, Alexander; Hindermann, Christoph Michael
2021 The prospects of cultural exchange to foster the economic relationship between the EU and KoreaGo, Joohyun
2021 Belt and road in the new geo-political competition: China, the United States, Europe and KoreaKim, Duyeon
2021 China's BRI diplomacy: What it means to India and India's risePanda, Jagannath P.
2021 The European Union and Korea between the US and China: Geopolitical aspects of connectivity from the soft to hard power approachesNovotná, Tereza
2020 The "China Effect": Changes in international trade patterns as reasons for rising "Anti-Globalism"Wrobel, Ralph
2020 North Korea's political economy: Hybrid economic institutions and the contributions of German order policy (Ordnungspolitik)Seliger, Bernhard
2020 Happiness and the welfare state in times of globalization: A review of empirical findingsHeß, Alexander
2020 Das Modell "Soziale Marktwirtschaft": Chancen im internationalen Systemwettbewerb zwischen Freier Marktwirtschaft und chinesischem StaatskapitalismusWrobel, Ralph
2019 Karl Polanyi and economics: Polanyi's pendulum in economic scienceKretschmer, Mark
2019 Globalization and small businessesHirasawa, Katsuhiko
2019 Escaping the comfort zone: A three-level perspective on filtering effects and counter-measuresSchneegans, Tim
2019 Who and how do participate strategic planning?Täks, Viire; Vadi, Maaja
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 100
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