Passauer Diskussionspapiere, Volkswirtschaftliche Reihe, Universität Passau

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2020 Do just deserts and competition shape patterns of cheating?Grundmann, Susanna
2020 On the downward rigidity of wages: Evidence from an experimental labour market with monetary neutralityGrundmann, Susanna; Giamattei, Marcus; Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
2019 The role of the career costs of children for the effect of public child care on fertility and maternal employmentHuber, Katrin
2019 Revisiting habits and heterogeneity in demandsFritsch, Markus; Pua, Andrew Adrian Yu; Schnurbus, Joachim
2017 Publicly announced speed limit enforcement and its impact on road safety: Evidence from the German BlitzmarathonsMolitor, Ramona
2017 Population dynamics of tax avoidance with crowding effectsLorenz, Johannes
2016 Emotional numbing and lessons learned after a violent conflict - Experimental evidence from Ambon, IndonesiaWerner, Katharina; Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
2016 Emotion vs. cognition - Experimental evidence on cooperation from the 2014 Soccer World CupGraf Lambsdorff, Johann; Giamattei, Marcus; Werner, Katharina; Schubert, Manuel
2016 Whom do people trust after a violent conflict? Experimental evidence from Maluku, IndonesiaWerner, Katharina
2016 Mayor games in Bavaria: Self selection of local politicians is not influenced by constitutionally defined remuneration increases! Quasi-experimental evidence from GermanySchötz, Lukas
2016 Power and rents - political influence on rent extraction: Quasi-experimental evidence for BavariaSchötz, Lukas
2015 Preventing corruption by promoting trust: Insights from behavioral scienceGraf Lambsdorff, Johann
2015 Cold Turkey vs. gradualism: Evidence on disinflation strategies from a laboratory experimentGiamattei, Marcus
2015 classEx: An online software for classroom experimentsGiamattei, Marcus; Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
2012 Deeds rather than omissions: How intended consequences provoke negative reciprocitySchubert, Manuel
2012 On the costs of kindness: An experimental investigation of guilty minds and negative reciprocitySchubert, Manuel; Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
2012 Mutual health insurance and its contribution to improving child health in RwandaBinagwaho, Agnes; Hartwig, Renate; Ingeri, Denyse; Makaka, Andrew
2011 On the role of heuristics: Experimental evidence on inflation dynamicsGraf Lambsdorff, Johann; Schubert, Manuel; Giamattei, Marcus
2010 Deterrence and constrained enforcement: Alternative regimes to deal with briberyGraf Lambsdorff, Johann
2010 Who accepts bribery? Evidence from a global household surveyGraf Lambsdorff, Johann
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 55
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