IBSU Scientific Journal (IBSUSJ), International Black Sea University

ISSN: 1512-3731

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2011 Evaluating, taxing and insuring agricultural enterprisesLimberea, Cicero I.
2011 Energy market for Caspian Sea oil and its supplyEmadi, Seyed Emad; Nezhad, Hameed
2011 Is the Bucharest Convention on the protection of the Black Sea against pollution still a matter of general concern? Has it reached its purpose?Duşcă, Ileana Anca; Moraru, Ana-Maria
2011 Sharing of risks in Islamic financeSekreter, Ahmet
2011 The role of the advertising agency: Standardization/adaptationIsayeva, Aygul
2010 Political instability, revolution: Comparison between Kyrgyzstan and GeorgiaRyskulov, Urmat
2010 Expected effect of deposit insurance system over the state of the banking environment of GeorgiaKhundadze, Sophio
2010 An essence of public government, its subjects and functionsChakhnashvili, Malkhaz
2010 Legal acts, forms and methods of public goverment in GeorgiaChakhnashvili, Malkhaz
2010 Effect of situational factors on store format choice behaviour in food and grocery retailing in India: Multiple discriminant analysisJayasankaraprasad, Cherukuri
2010 Attracting investors: Case of impact of FDI on the achievements of economic growth in GeorgiaKbiltsetskhlashvili, Tea
2010 Business education in Georgia: Challenges and opportunitiesPapiashvili, Tatiana
2010 Impact of income shocks on asset portfolio of rural Indian households: An empirical analysisSharma, Hemant
2010 Turning a new page in Georgia's historyKhutsishvili, Darejan Daduna
2010 The term politics reconsidered in the light of recent theoretical developmentsModebadze, Valeri
2009 Food security concept, condition and trends in GeorgiaAsatiani, Salome
2009 Business education in post Soviet countriesDoghonadze, Natela
2009 Globalisation theories and their effect on educationParjanadze, Nikoloz
2009 Integration aspects of subsequent EU joinersLimberea, Cicero I.; Onofrei, Mihaela; Tofan, Mihaela
2009 Pearls are a girl's best friends: nostalgia and its discontents in the life-stories of two Georgian womenSideri, Eleni
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 49