WIDER Working Papers, World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER), United Nations University

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2021 Does aid support democracy? A systematic review of the literatureGisselquist, Rachel M.; Niño-Zarazúa, Miguel; Samarin, Melissa
2021 Do tax administrative interventions targeted at small businesses improve tax compliance and revenue collection? Evidence from Ugandan administrative tax dataJouste, Maria; Nalukwago, Milly I.; Waiswa, Ronald
2021 Are we measuring natural resource wealth correctly? A reconceptualization of natural resource value in the era of climate changeLebdioui, Amir
2021 Scrutinizing the sticky floor/glass ceiling phenomena in the informal labour market in Cameroon: An unconditional quantile regression analysisWirba, Ebenezer Lemven; Akem, Fiennasah Annif'; Baye, Francis Menjo
2021 The rise in women's labour force participation in Mexico: Supply vs demand factorsBhalotra, Sonia R.; Fernández, Manuel
2021 Changes in occupations and their task content: Implications for employment and inequality in Argentina, 2003-19Maurizio, Roxana; Monsalvo, Ana Paula
2021 Gender wage gaps in Ghana: A comparison across different selection modelsBoahen, Emmanuel Adu; Opoku, Kwadwo
2021 The effects of personal income tax reform on employees' taxable income in UgandaJouste, Maria; Barugahara, Tina Kaidu; Ayo, Joseph Okello; Pirttilä, Jukka; Rattenhuber, Pia
2021 Structural estimates of the South African sacrifice ratioGereziher, Hayelom Yrgaw; Nuru, Naser Yenus
2021 Capturing economic and social value from hydrocarbon gas flaring and venting: solutions and actionsRomsom, Etienne; McPhail, Kathryn
2021 Capturing economic and social value from hydrocarbon gas flaring and venting: evaluation of the issuesRomsom, Etienne; McPhail, Kathryn
2021 Does connectivity reduce gender gaps in off-farm employment? Evidence from 12 low- and middle-income countriesEgger, Eva-Maria; Arslan, Asl¸han; Zucchini, Emanuele
2021 Earnings inequality and the changing nature of work: Evidence from Labour Force Survey data of BangladeshBidisha, Sayema Haque; Mahmood, Tanveer; Rahman, Mahir A.
2021 Long-run rural livelihood diversification in Kagera, TanzaniaDimova, Ralitza; Halvorsen, Sandra Kristine; Nyyssölä, Milla; Sen, Kunal
2021 Secession and social polarization: Evidence from CataloniaBalcells, Laia; Fernández Albertos, José; Kuo, Alexander
2021 The role of automatic stabilizers and emergency tax-benefit policies during the COVID-19 pandemic in EcuadorJara, H. Xavier; Montesdeoca, Lourdes; Tasseva, Iva
2021 Premature deindustrialization and income inequality in middle-income countriesRavindran, Rekha; Babu, Suresh M
2021 Estimates of multidimensional poverty for India using NSSO-71 and -75Mothkoor, Venugopal; Badgaiyan, Nina
2021 Socioeconomic and cultural drivers of women's formal work in rural GhanaGroß, Elena; Frempong, Raymond Boadi
2021 Informality, labour transitions, and the livelihoods of workers in Latin AmericaMaurizio, Roxana; Monsalvo, Ana Paula
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 1697