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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015Explaining Changes in Tax Burdens in Latin America: Does Politics Trump Economics?Hallerberg, Mark; Scartascini, Carlos G.
2021On the demand for telemedicine: Evidence from the Covid-19 pandemicBusso, Matias; González, María P.; Scartascini, Carlos G.
2021Let's (not) get together!: The role of social norms in social distancing during COVID-19Martinez, Deborah; Parilli, Cristina; Scartascini, Carlos G.; Simpser, Alberto
2021Trustful voters, trustworthy politicians: A survey experiment on the influence of social media in politicsAruguete, Natalia; Calvo, Ernesto; Scartascini, Carlos G.; Ventura, Tiago
2021How can we improve air pollution? Try increasing trust firstCafferata, Fernando G.; Hoffmann, Bridget; Scartascini, Carlos G.
2021Do you have COVID-19? How to increase the use of diagnostic and contact-tracing appsMartínez, Déborah; Parilli, Cristina; Rojas, Ana María; Scartascini, Carlos G.; Simpser, Alberto
2014State Capacity and the Quality of Policies: Revisiting the Relationship between Openness and the Size of GovernmentChuaire, María Franco; Scartascini, Carlos G.; Tommasi, Carlos
2019Transparency and trust in government: Evidence from a survey experimentAlessandro, Martin; Lagomarsino, Bruno Cardinale; Scartascini, Carlos G.; Torrealday, Jerónimo
2018Civic engagement in the AmericasScartascini, Carlos G.; Vlaicu, Razvan
2019Fiscal consolidations and electoral outcomes in emerging economies: Does the policy mix matter? Macro and micro level evidence from Latin AmericaArdanaz, Martín; Hallerberg, Mark; Scartascini, Carlos G.