School of Economics Discussion Papers, University of Kent

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2018 The missing link: Monetary policy and the labor shareCantore, Cristiano; Ferroni, Filippo; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2018 University vice-chancellor pay, performance and (asymmetric) benchmarkingGschwandtner, Adelina; McManus, Richard
2018 Measured productivity with endogenous markups and economic profitsSavagar, Anthony
2018 Marriage, work and migration: The role of infrastructure development and gender normsAmirapu, Amrit; Asadullah, Mohammad Niaz; Wahhaj, Zaki
2018 Endogenous time-varying volatility and emerging market business cyclesDueber, Jan-Philipp
2018 Population aging, government policy and the postwar Japanese economyOtsu, Keisuke; Shibayama, Katsuyuki
2018 Labor responses, regulation and business churn in a small open economyAloi, Marta; Dixon, Huw; Savagar, Anthony
2018 The fall in German unemployment: A flow analysisCarrillo-Tudela, Carlos; Launov, Andrey; Robin, Jean-Marc
2018 Biased technological change and employment reallocationBárány, Zsófia L.; Siegel, Christian
2018 Social diversity and bridging identityGarcía-Alonso, María D. C.; Wahhaj, Zaki
2018 Will urban migrants formally insure their rural relatives? Family networks and rainfall index insurance in Burkina FasoKazianga, Harounan; Wahhaj, Zaki
2018 Constrained public goods in networksAllouch, Nizar; King, Maia
2017 Targeted fiscal policy to increase employment and wages of unskilled workersAngelopoulos, Konstantinos; Jiang, Wei; Malley, James R.
2017 Justice delayed is growth denied: The effect of slow courts on relationship-specific industries in IndiaAmirapu, Amrit
2017 Lost in the storm: The academic collaborations that went missing in hurricane IsaacCampos, Raquel; de Leon, Fernanda Leite Lopez; McQuillin, Ben
2017 Regional business cycle and growth features of JapanInaba, Masaru; Otsu, Keisuke
2017 Spatial differentiation for sample selection modelsKlein, Alexander; Nguembu, Guy Tchuente
2017 The willingness to pay for organic attributes in the UKGschwandtner, Adelina; Burton, Michael P.
2017 Why does the productivity of investment vary across countries?Nell, Kevin S.; Thirlwall, Anthony P.
2017 Industry volatility and international tradeArdelean, Adina; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.; Puzzello, Laura
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 332