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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Willingness-to-pay and free-riding in a national energy efficiency retrofit grant scheme: A revealed preference approachCollins, Matthew; Curtis, John A.
2017Can tenants afford to care? Investigating the willingness-to-pay for improved energy efficiency of rental tenants and returns to investment for landlordsCollins, Matthew; Curtis, John A.
2016An examination of energy efficiency retrofit depth in IrelandCollins, Matthew; Curtis, John A.
2016An examination of the abandonment of applications for energy efficiency retrofit grants in IrelandCollins, Matthew; Curtis, John A.
2016Evidence, drivers and sources of distortions in the distribution ofbuilding energy ratings prior to and after energy efficient retrofittingCollins, Matthew; Curtis, John A.
2017Identification of the information gap in residential energy efficiency: How information asymmetry can be mitigated to induce energy efficiency renovationsCollins, Matthew; Curtis, John A.
2017Recreational use of public waterways and the impact of water qualityBreen, Benjamin; Curtis, John A.; Hynes, Stephen
2016Recreational angling tournaments: Participants' expendituresCurtis, John A.; Breen, Benjamin; O'Reilly, Paul
2017Sea bass angling in Ireland: A structural equation model of catch and effortGrilli, Gianluca; Curtis, John A.; Hynes, Stephen; O'Reilly, Paul
2017Pike (Esox lucius) stock management in designated brown trout (Salmo trutta) fisheries: Anglers' preferencesCurtis, John A.