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2023 Do fiscal rules reduce public investment? Evidence from European regionsMühlenweg, Leonard; Gerling, Lena
2022 A chance to win or lose it all? A systematic literature review on the consequences of natural disasters for governmentsKindsmüller, Anna
2022 Institutional hierarchies and economic growth: A bundled approachHelfer, Helena
2022 Drivers of economic growth: The special case of Sub-Saharan AfricaHelfer, Helena
2021 Die Pandemie verschiebt die Dringlichkeiten in der InfrastrukturpolitikKindsmüller, Anna
2021 Die Konjunkturreagibilität öffentlicher Investitionen am Beispiel der deutschen SchuldenbremseBoldrick, Isabel
2021 Trust we lost: The Treuhand experience and political behavior in the former German Democratic RepublicKellermann, Kim Leonie
2021 Building bridges: Bilateral manager connections and international tradeHoch, Felix; Rudsinske, Jonas
2020 Why so negative? Negative party positioning in spatial models of votingHoch, Felix; Kellermann, Kim Leonie
2019 Rally around the EU flag! Supra-nationalism in the light of Islamist terrorismNowak, Anna
2019 The dynamics of political myths and ideologiesApolte, Thomas; Müller, Julia
2019 Fiscal decentralization and electoral participation: Analyzing districts in IndonesiaFarah, Alfa
2019 Winning a district election in a clientelistic society: Evidence from decentralized IndonesiaFarah, Alfa
2019 The impact of election information shocks on populist party preferences: Evidence from GermanyGerling, Lena; Kellermann, Kim Leonie
2018 Fiscal disparity, institutions and asymmetric yardstick competitionFarah, Alfa
2018 A theory of autocratic transition: Prerequisites to self-enforcing democracyApolte, Thomas
2018 Radioinactive: Are nuclear power plant outages in France contagious to the German electricity price?Rinne, Sonja
2018 You failed! Government satisfaction and party preferences facing Islamist terrorismNowak, Anna
2018 An empirical investigation on the distributional impact of network charges in GermanySchlesewsky, Lisa; Winter, Simon
2018 Immigration and anti-immigrant sentiments: Evidence from the 2017 German parliamentary electionKellermann, Kim Leonie; Winter, Simon
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 53
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