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2023Do fiscal rules reduce public investment? Evidence from European regionsMühlenweg, Leonard; Gerling, Lena
2022Drivers of economic growth: The special case of Sub-Saharan AfricaHelfer, Helena
2022A chance to win or lose it all? A systematic literature review on the consequences of natural disasters for governmentsKindsmüller, Anna
2022Institutional hierarchies and economic growth: A bundled approachHelfer, Helena
2021Die Pandemie verschiebt die Dringlichkeiten in der InfrastrukturpolitikKindsmüller, Anna
2021Building bridges: Bilateral manager connections and international tradeHoch, Felix; Rudsinske, Jonas
2021Die Konjunkturreagibilität öffentlicher Investitionen am Beispiel der deutschen SchuldenbremseBoldrick, Isabel
2021Trust we lost: The Treuhand experience and political behavior in the former German Democratic RepublicKellermann, Kim Leonie
2020Why so negative? Negative party positioning in spatial models of votingHoch, Felix; Kellermann, Kim Leonie
2019Winning a district election in a clientelistic society: Evidence from decentralized IndonesiaFarah, Alfa
2019Rally around the EU flag! Supra-nationalism in the light of Islamist terrorismNowak, Anna
2019Fiscal decentralization and electoral participation: Analyzing districts in IndonesiaFarah, Alfa
2019The dynamics of political myths and ideologiesApolte, Thomas; Müller, Julia
2019The impact of election information shocks on populist party preferences: Evidence from GermanyGerling, Lena; Kellermann, Kim Leonie
2018Fiscal disparity, institutions and asymmetric yardstick competitionFarah, Alfa
2018Immigration and anti-immigrant sentiments: Evidence from the 2017 German parliamentary electionKellermann, Kim Leonie; Winter, Simon
2018You failed! Government satisfaction and party preferences facing Islamist terrorismNowak, Anna
2018A theory of autocratic transition: Prerequisites to self-enforcing democracyApolte, Thomas
2018An empirical investigation on the distributional impact of network charges in GermanySchlesewsky, Lisa; Winter, Simon
2018Radioinactive: Are nuclear power plant outages in France contagious to the German electricity price?Rinne, Sonja
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 53
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