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Jannsen, Nils
Klein, Melanie
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Kiel Working Paper 1718
This paper analyzes the international transmission effects of euro area monetary policy shocks in to other western European countries, namely the United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, and Norway. For this purpose, we use a structural VAR model of the euro area and augment it consecutively by the foreign variables of interest. We find that a monetary policy shock in the euro area leads to a largely similar change in the interest rate and in GDP in these other western European countries. The effects on their exchange rates are limited and their trade balances usually are unaffected. Our results suggest that the income absorption effect to be more important than the expenditure switching effect in the international transmission of monetary policy and that exchange rate stabilization seems to be of some concern to monetary policy makers in small open economies.
Monetary policy
international transmission
euro area
vector autoregression
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Working Paper

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