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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Time to go beyond interstate federalism - or something different? The response of new pro-European think tanks to the EU integration crisisPlehwe, Dieter; Krämer, Werner; Neujeffski, Moritz; Meland, Alexander; Guérot, Ulrike
2016Intellectual property rights and health: The constraints of WHO authority and the rise of global health governance as an element of contestationHein, Wolfgang
2016Europe and European studies in crisis: Inter-disciplinary and intra-disciplinary schisms in legal and political scienceJoerges, Christian; Kreuder-Sonnen, Christian
2017Politicization, party politics and military missions deployment votes in France, Germany, Spain, and the United KingdomWagner, Wolfgang; Herranz-Surrallés, Anna; Kaarbo, Juliet; Ostermann, Falk
2016Global power shifts and the future of democracy: An evolutionary approach, with special attention to ChinaOwen, John M.
2017Forschungsbericht IV. Ergebnisse der Vermächtnisstudie zum Thema sozialer Zusammenhalt und SozialstaatWintermantel, Vanessa
2017The Manifesto-Media Link: How Mass Media Mediate Manifesto MessagesMerz, Nicolas
2017Forschungsbericht VI. Grundlagen und Methodik der Erhebung mit Sinnesreizen in der VermächtnisstudieSchulte-Römer, Nona; Wetzel, Jan
2018Rhetoric matters: A social norms explanation for the anomaly of framingChang, Daphne; Chen, Roy; Krupka, Erin
2016Image concerns and the political economy of publicly provided private goodsKönig, Tobias; Lausen, Tobias; Wagener, Andreas