Publikationen von Forscherinnen und Forschern des ZEW - Leibniz-Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Incentive regulation: Evidence from German electricity networksHellwig, Michael; Schober, Dominik; Cabral, Luís
2019 Steuerlicher Reformbedarf bei Service-Plattformen: Eine Analyse anhand des deutschen Airbnb-MarktesBräutigam, Rainer; Ludwig, Christopher; Spengel, Christoph
2019 Predicting innovative firms using web mining and deep learningKinne, Jan; Lenz, David
2019 The effects of natural disasters and weather variations on international trade: A review of the empirical literatureOsberghaus, Daniel
2019 Dokumentation zur Innovationserhebung 2018: Zusammenarbeit mit der Wissenschaft und FachkräftebedarfRammer, Christian
2019 European Monetary Union reform preferences of French and German parliamentariansBlesse, Sebastian; Boyer, Pierre C.; Heinemann, Friedrich; Janeba, Eckhard; Raj, Anasuya
2019 Refugees welcome? Understanding the regional heterogeneity of anti-foreigner hate crimes in GermanyEntorf, Horst; Lange, Martin
2019 Do companies benefit from public research organizations? The impact of the Fraunhofer Society in GermanyComin, Diego; Licht, Georg; Pellens, Maikel; Schubert, Torben
2019 Externalities in knowledge production: Evidence from a randomized field experimentHinnosaar, Marit; Hinnosaar, Toomas; Kummer, Michael; Slivko, Olga
2019 Rockets and feathers: Asymmetric pricing and consumer search - Evidence from electricity retailingHeim, Sven
2019 Different counselors, many options: Career guidance and career plans in secondary schoolsFitzenberger, Bernd; Hillerich-Sigg, Annette; Sprietsma, Maresa
2019 Taxation in the digital economy: Recent policy developments and the question of value creationOlbert, Marcel; Spengel, Christoph
2019 Digitalization and the future of work: Macroeconomic consequencesArntz, Melanie; Gregory, Terry; Zierahn, Ulrich
2019 Net neutrality regulation: Much ado about nothing?Vogelsang, Ingo
2019 Searching for a Euro reform consensus: The perspective from Central and Eastern EuropeBlesse, Sebastian; Havlik, Annika; Heinemann, Friedrich
2019 Cross-border tax evasion after the common reporting standard: Game over?Casi, Elisa; Spengel, Christoph; Stage, Barbara M. B.
2019 State mandates on renewable heating technologies and the housing marketGermeshausen, Robert; von Graevenitz, Kathrine
2019 The 2011 break in the part-time indicator and the evolution of wage inequality in GermanyFitzenberger, Bernd; Seidlitz, Arnim
2019 Expectations of reciprocity when competitors share information: Experimental evidenceGanglmair, Bernhard; Holcomb, Alex; Myung, Noah
2019 How marginal is lignite? Two simple approaches to determine price-setting technologies in power marketsGermeshausen, Robert; Wölfing, Nikolas
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 2889