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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006Bestimmungsgründe für die Wahl von ingenieur- und naturwissenschaftlichen Studiengängen: Ausgewählte Ergebnisse einer Schwerpunktstudie im Rahmen der Berichterstattung zur technologischen Leistungsfähigkeit DeutschlandsHeine, Christoph; Egeln, Jürgen; Kerst, Christian; Müller, Elisabeth; Park, Sang-Min
2006What attracts human capital? Understanding the skill composition of interregional job matches in GermanyArntz, Melanie
2006Unemployment duration in Germany: individual and regional determinants of local job finding, migration and subsidized employmentArntz, Melanie; Wilke, Ralf A.
2006What Determines the Inclusion in a Sustainability Stock Index? A Panel Data Analysis for European CompaniesZiegler, Andreas; Schröder, Michael
2006Two for the price of one? On additionality effects of R&D subsidies: A comparison between Flanders and GermanyAerts, Kris; Schmidt, Tobias
2006The pulse of liability of foreignness: dynamic legitimacy and experiences effects in the German car marketKaiser, Ulrich; Sofka, Wolfgang
2006Transfer pricing of intrafirm sales as a profit shifting channel: evidence from German firm dataOveresch, Michael
2006The Impact of Thin-Capitalization Rules on Multinationals? Financing and Investment DecisionsSchreiber, Ulrich; Overesch, Michael; Büttner, Thiess; Wamser, Georg
2006The wage effects of entering motherhood: a within-firm matching approachBeblo, Miriam; Bender, Stefan; Wolf, Elke
2006The Role of Technology in M&As: A Firm Level Comparison of Cross-Border and Domestic DealsFrey, Rainer; Hussinger, Katrin