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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1993A Life Cycle Labour Supply Model with Taxes Estimated on German Panel Data: The Case of Parallel PreferencesLaisney, François; Lechner, Michael; van Soest, Arthur; Wagenhals, Gerhard
1992Expected job loss in East Germany shortly before German unificationLechner, Michael; Pfeiffer, Friedhelm; Giesecke O'Shea, Linda
1993The dynamics of self-employment in East Germany: an empirical analysis using panel data and allowing for state dependence and endogenous attritionLechner, Michael
1995Effects of continuous off-the-job training in East Germany after unificationLechner, Michael
1992Die Struktur der Einkommensunterschiede in Ost- und Westdeutschland ein Jahr nach der VereinigungGeib, Thorsten; Lechner, Michael; Pfeiffer, Friedhelm; Salomon, Susanne
1998Die gemeinnützige Arbeitnehmerüberlassung in Rheinland-Pfalz: Eine ökonometrische Analyse des WiedereingliederungserfolgsAlmus, Matthias; Egeln, Jürgen; Lechner, Michael; Pfeiffer, Friedhelm; Spengler, Hannes
1993On the dynamics of process innovative activity: an empirical investigation using panel dataKönig, Heinz; Laisney, François; Lechner, Michael; Pohlmeier, Winfried
1996Nonparametric bounds on employment and income effects of continuous vocational training in East GermanyLechner, Michael
1991Alternative interpretations of hours information in an econometric model of labour supplyBlundell, Richard W.; Laisney, François; Lechner, Michael
1993Do Married Women Base Their Labour Supply Decisions on Gross or Marginal Wages?König, Heinz; Laisney, François; Lechner, Michael; Pohlmeier, Winfried