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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017Subsidized and non-subsidized R&D projects: Do they differ?Koehler, Mila; Peters, Bettina
2018Public investment in R&D in reaction to economic crises: A longitudinal study for OECD countriesPellens, Maikel; Peters, Bettina; Hud, Martin; Rammer, Christian; Licht, Georg
2013Innovation in Germany - Results of the German CIS 2006 to 2010. Background report on the Innovation Surveys 2007, 2009 and 2011 of the Mannheim Innovation PanelAschhoff, Birgit; Baier, Elisabeth; Crass, Dirk; Hud, Martin; Hünermund, Paul; Köhler, Christian; Peters, Bettina; Rammer, Christian; Schricke, Esther; Schubert, Torben; Schwiebacher, Franz
2016Dokumentation zur Innovationserhebung 2015Rammer, Christian; Schubert, Torben; Hünermund, Paul; Köhler, Mila; Iferd, Younes; Peters, Bettina
2015Dokumentation zur Innovationserhebung 2014: Innovationen mit Bezug zur Energiewende, Finanzierung von InnovationenRammer, Christian; Peters, Bettina
2017Innovation activities of firms in Germany - Results of the German CIS 2012 and 2014: Background report on the surveys of the Mannheim Innovation Panel Conducted in the Years 2013 to 2016Behrens, Vanessa; Berger, Marius; Hud, Martin; Hünermund, Paul; Iferd, Younes; Peters, Bettina; Rammer, Christian; Schubert, Torben
2016Innovation, creative destruction and structural change: Firm-level evidence from European CountriesDachs, Bernhard; Hud, Martin; Koehler, Christian; Peters, Bettina
2016Employment effects of innovations over the business cycle: Firm-level evidence from European countriesDachs, Bernhard; Hud, Martin; Koehler, Christian; Peters, Bettina