Publikationen von Forscherinnen und Forschern des Zentrums für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung (ZEW)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 When do firms leave cartels? Determinants and the impact on cartel survivalHellwig, Michael; Hüschelrath, Kai
2017 Housing booms and busts and local fiscal policySolé-Ollé, Albert; Viladecans-Marsal, Elisabet
2016 The impact of state aid on the survival and financial viability of aided firmsHeim, Sven; Hüschelrath, Kai; Schmidt-Dengler, Philipp; Strazzeri, Maurizio
2016 Knowledge creates markets: The influence of entrepreneurial support and patent rights on academic entrepreneurshipCzarnitzki, Dirk; Doherr, Thorsten; Hussinger, Katrin; Schliessler, Paula; Toole, Andrew A.
2016 On tax evasion, entrepreneurial generosity and fungible assetsBittschi, Benjamin; Borgloh, Sarah; Moessinger, Marc-Daniel
2016 Imputation rules for the implementation of the pre-unication education variable in the BASiD data setGürtzgen, Nicole; Nolte, André
2016 Ecological sufficiency, individual liberties, and distributive justice: Implications for policy makingHeindl, Peter; Kanschik, Philipp
2016 Remittances and public finances: Evidence from oil-price shocksAsatryan, Zareh; Bittschi, Benjamin; Doerrenberg, Philipp
2016 Philanthropy in a secular societyBittschi, Benjamin; Borgloh, Sarah; Wigger, Berthold U.
2016 When private information settles the bill: Money and privacy in Google's market for smartphone applicationsKummer, Michael E.; Schulte, Patrick
2016 Debt deflation, financial market stress and regime change: Evidence from Europe using MRVARErnst, Ekkehard; Semmler, Willi; Haider, Alexander
2016 Zur Entwicklung der studienspezifischen Selbstwirksamkeit in der OberstufeMohrenweiser, Jens; Pfeiffer, Friedhelm
2016 Do higher corporate taxes reduce wages? Micro evidence from GermanyFuest, Clemens; Peichl, Andreas; Siegloch, Sebastian
2016 How to fill the digital gap? The (limited) role of regulationBriglauer, Wolfgang; Cambini, Carlo; Melani, Sauro
2016 Protecting innovation through patents and trade secrets: Determinants and performance impacts for firms with a single innovationCrass, Dirk; Garcia Valero, Francisco; Pitton, Francesco; Rammer, Christian
2016 The total costs of corporate borrowing in the loan market: Don't ignore the feesBerg, Tobias; Saunders, Anthony; Steffen, Sascha
2016 Mind the gap: The difference between U.S. and European loan ratesBerg, Tobias; Saunders, Anthony; Steffen, Sascha; Streitz, Daniel
2016 Zwischen Sozialromantik und Neoliberalismus: Zur Ökonomie der Sharing-EconomyPeitz, Martin; Schwalbe, Ulrich
2016 Extreme weather and risk preference: Panel evidence from GermanyKahsay, Goytom Abraha; Osberghaus, Daniel
2016 Renewable energy targets in the context of the EU ETS: Whom do they benefit exactly?Landis, Florian; Heindl, Peter
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2507