GIGA Working Papers

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2016 Agua, democratización ambiental y fronteras extractivas en ColombiaRoa García, María Cecilia
2016 Fleeing the peace? Determinants of outward migration after civil warHaaß, Felix; Kurtenbach, Sabine; Strasheim, Julia
2016 International alignment between interests and ideology: The case of China's partnership diplomacyStrüver, Georg
2016 Die regionalen Ambitionen Marokkos in Westafrika: Strategie - Aktivitäten - ErfolgsbilanzMattes, Hanspeter
2016 The consequences of appointment policies for court legitimacy in Benin: A network analysis approachStroh, Alexander
2016 Brutalisation as a survival strategy: How the "Islamic State" is prolonging its doomsday battleRosiny, Stephan
2016 If you can't include them, exclude them: Countering the Arab uprisings in Algeria and JordanJosua, Maria
2016 Does size matter? The productivity of government: Expenditures and the size of states: Evidence from IndiaHaasnoot, Cornelis W.
2016 Domestic explanations for war and peace in UkraineStrasheim, Julia
2016 Institutionalising civilian control of the military in new democracies: Theory and evidence from South KoreaKuehn, David
2016 Non-contributory social transfer programmes in developing countries: A new data set and research agendaDodlova, Marina; Giolbas, Anna; Lay, Jann
2016 Gender politics, authoritarian regime resilience, and the role of civil society in Algeria and MozambiqueLorch, Jasmin; Bunk, Bettina
2016 Regional power transitions: Lessons from the Southern ConeSchenoni, Luis Leandro
2016 Honduras as a complex adaptive system and what it means for the European Union: The case of violenceLehmann, Kai Enno
2016 Do associations support authoritarian rule? Tentative answers from Algeria, Mozambique, and VietnamWischermann, Jörg; Bunk, Bettina; Köllner, Patrick; Lorch, Jasmin
2015 Power-sharing in Bahrain: A still-absent debateBusafwan, Abbas; Rosiny, Stephan
2015 Polyarchies, competitive oligarchies, or inclusive hegemonies? 23 global intergovernmental organizations comparedLopes, Dawisson Belém
2015 SMARTer indicators for decent work in a post-2015 development agenda: A discussion and a proposalOstermeier, Martin; Linde, Sarah; Lay, Jann; Prediger, Sebastian
2015 The plasticity of regions: A social sciences-cultural studies dialogue on Asia-related area studiesHolbig, Heike
2015 What do we know about sexual violence in armed conflicts? Recent empirical progress and remaining gaps in peace and conflict researchKoos, Carlo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 279
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