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2024Personnel, institutions, and power: Revisiting the concept of executive personalisationLlanos, Mariana; Kühn, David; Richter, Thomas; Acheampong, Martin; Song, Esther E.; Arellano, Emilia
2023Africa's emergent tech sector: It's characteristics impact on development and labour marketsLay, Jann; Tafese, Tevin
2023Coping with complexity: Dealing with non-state armed actorsDeepen, Yannick; Kurtenbach, Sabine
2023How authoritarian regimes counter international sanctions pressurevon Soest, Christian
2023Militarisation of COVID-19 responses and autocratisation: A comparative study of eight countries in Asia-Pacific and Latin AmericaCroissant, Aurel; Kühn, David; Macias-Weller, Ariam; Pion-Berlin, David
2023Digitalisation and labour markets in developing countriesFietz, Katharina; Lay, Jann
2023From fields to factories: Special economic zones, foreign direct investment, and labour markets in VietnamTafese, Tevin; Lay, Jann; Van Tran
2022COVID-19 and violent actors in the global south: An inter- and cross-regional comparisonBank, André; Deepen, Yannick; Grauvogel, Julia; Kurtenbach, Sabine
2022Justifications of repression in autocracies: An empirical analysis of the Maghreb, 2000-2010Josua, Maria
2022Global South perspectives on a global ban on nuclear weapons: A comparative approachBandarra, Leonardo; Prys, Miriam; Van Wyk, Jo-Ansie; Dawood, Layla; Herz, Mônica; Hassid, Nir; Pant, Harsh V.; Set, Shounak
2022Large-scale land deals and social conflict: Evidence and policy implicationsde Juan, Alexander; Geissel, Daniel; Lay, Jann; Lohmann, Rebecca
2022Sustaining civic space in times of COVID-19: Global trendsLorch, Jasmin; Onken, Monika; Sombatpoonsiri, Janjira
2021One year after: Has the COVID-19 pandemic increased violence in sub-Saharan Africa?Basedau, Matthias; Deitch, Mora
2021High courts and social media in Latin AmericaLlanos, Mariana; Tibi Weber, Cordula
2021The political economy of India's transition to Goods and Services TaxSharma, Chanchal Kumar
2020Beyond justices: The legal culture of judges in MexicoAguiar Aguilar, Azul América
2020A comprehensive framework for studying migration policies (and a call to observe them beyond immigration to the West)Pedroza, Luicy
2020How do international sanctions end? Towards a process-oriented, relational, and signalling perspectiveGrauvogel, Julia; Attia, Hana
2020Peacebuilding after war and violence - Neighbourhood mattersAlmohamad, Selman; Kirchschlager, Markus; Kurtenbach, Sabine
2020State(s) of negotiation: Drivers of forced migration governance in most of the worldMüller-Funk, Lea; Fröhlich, Christiane; Bank, André
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 332
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