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Ott, Ingrid
Otto, Alkis Henri
Stiller, Silvia
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HWWI Policy Paper 1-14
In order to get a clear cut picture of the impact of rising transport costs on the future urban development of the city of Hamburg, the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) together with alstria have set up a joint research project. In this context, the goal is to derive policy recommendations for a sustainable development of the growing city of Hamburg. The analysis focuses on several perspectives: Beginning at an aggregate level, the analysis will gradually narrow down to more detailed levels. The remainder of the project may therefore be interpreted as zooming in from the global level over the regional down to the local view with the final goal to analyze the impact of rising energy prices on the size, inner city structure and economic development of Hamburg. In detail, the following four topics will be addressed: Part I: The global view: Future development of the world's economic geography Part II: The regional view: Development perspectives for the City of Hamburg Part III: The local view: Inner city trends in Hamburg Part IV: Hamburg - a city of the future!
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Research Report

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