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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016How English domiciled graduate earnings vary with gender, institution attended, subject and socio-economic backgroundBritton, Jack; Dearden, Lorraine; Shephard, Neil; Vignoles, Anna
2013Identifying the drivers of month of birth differences in educational attainmentCrawford, Claire; Dearden, Lorraine; Greaves, Ellen
2011The impact of tuition fees and support on university participation in the UKDearden, Lorraine; Fitzsimons, Emla; Wyness, Gill
2013The drivers of month of birth differences in children's cognitive and noncognitive skills: A regression discontinuity analysisCrawford, Claire; Dearden, Lorraine; Greaves, Ellen
2013The impact of age within academic year on adult outcomesCrawford, Claire; Dearden, Lorraine; Greaves, Ellen
2010Widening participation in higher education: Analysis using linked administrative dataChowdry, Haroon; Crawford, Claire; Dearden, Lorraine; Goodman, Alissa; Vignoles, Anna
2010The demand for private schooling in England: The impact of price and qualityBlundell, Richard; Dearden, Lorraine; Sibieta, Luke
2010What determines private school choice? A comparison between the UK and AustraliaDearden, Lorraine; Ryan, Chris; Sibieta, Luke
2011The socio-economic gradient in early child outcomes: Evidence from the Millennium Cohort StudyDearden, Lorraine; Sibieta, Luke; Sylva, Kathy
2010When you are born matters: The impact of date of birth on educational outcomes in EnglandCrawford, Claire; Dearden, Lorraine; Meghir, Costas