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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Life-cycle consumption patterns at older ages in the US and the UK: Can medical expenditures explain the difference?Banks, James; Blundell, Richard; Levell, Peter; Smith, James P.
2016The UK wage premium puzzle: How did a large increase in university graduates leave the education premium unchanged?Blundell, Richard; Green, David A.; Jin, Wenchao
2017Two decades of income inequality in Britain: The role of wages, household earnings and redistributionBelfield, Chris; Blundell, Richard; Cribb, Jonathan; Hood, Andrew; Joyce, Robert
2015Earnings and consumption dynamics: A nonlinear panel data frameworkArellano, Manuel; Blundell, Richard; Bonhomme, St├ęphane
2012Sharp for SARP: Nonparametric bounds on the behavioural and welfare effects of price changesBlundell, Richard; Browning, Martin; Cherchye, Laurens; Crawford, Ian; De Rock, Bram; Vermeulen, Frederic
2013What can wages and employment tell us about the UK's productivity puzzle?Blundell, Richard; Crawford, Claire; Wenchao Michelle Jin Crawford, Claire
2014Labor income dynamics and the insurance from taxes, transfers and the familyBlundell, Richard; Graber, Michael; Mogstad, Magne
2011Disability, health and retirement in the United KingdomBanks, James; Blundell, Richard; Bozio, Antoine; Emmerson, Carl
2013Female labour supply, human capital and welfare reformBlundell, Richard; Dias, Monica Costa; Meghir, Costas; Shaw, Jonathan
2014Labour supply and taxation with restricted choicesBeffy, Magali; Blundell, Richard; Bozio, Antoine; Laroque, Guy