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Chatterji, Pinka
Joo, Heesoo
Lahiri, Kajal
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CESifo working paper: Social Protection 3448
Objectives: To estimate racial/ethnic and education-related disparities and examine trends in uncontrolled cardiovascular (CVD) risk factors among adults with diabetes. Methods: The analysis samples include adults aged 20 and over from NHANES III, 1988- 1994 and NHANES 1999-2008 who self-report having diabetes (n =1,107, NHANES III; n = 1,933, NHANES 1999-2008). Using logistic regression models, we examine correlates of binary indicators measuring: (1) high blood glucose; (2) high blood pressure; (3) high cholesterol; and (4) smoking. Results: Control of blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol improved among diabetics between NHANES III and NHANES 1999-2008, but there was no change in smoking prevalence. In NHANES 1999-2008, racial/ethnic minorities and individuals without some college were more likely to have poorly controlled blood glucose compared to non-Latino whites and those with some college. Also, diabetics with some college were less likely to smoke and had better blood pressure control compared to diabetics without some college. Conclusions: Trends in CVD risk factors among diabetics improved over the past two decades, but racial/ethnic and education-related disparities have emerged in some areas.
cardiovascular (CFD) risk factors
health disparity
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Working Paper

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