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Labar, Kelly
Petrick, Martin
Buchenrieder, Gertrud
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Studies on the Agricultural and Food Sector in Central and Eastern Europe No. 56
CONTENTS: ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS... I; ABOUT THE MACE PROJECT... III; PLENARY PRESENTATIONS ... 1; Applying an E-teaming approach in modern agribusiness education... 3, Elena G. Kashtanova, Elke M. Leeds; The missing link: Challenge to develop practicing smallholders as professionals and agripreneurs ... 10, William M. Rivera; EXTENSION SERVICES ... 21; Social and political context of agriculture advisory services in the Republic of Tajikistan... 23, Andreas Mandler; Public and private agriculture extension services in Albania - Current situation and future perspectives... 33, Drini Imami, Luciano Leonetti, Andi Stefanllari, Edvin Zhllima; The role of agricultural extension agent networks in knowledge provision for farmers in Eastern Hungary ... 48, Krisztina Dajnoki, Károly Pető, Norbert Grasselli; EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT ... 57; Culture as a toolkit to investigate educational processes in development projects ... 59, Stefan Wolf; Education as a determinant of the economic activity of rural inhabitants on the Polish labour market... 68, Nina Drejerska; MARKET AND PRICES... 77; Environmental effects and implications of biofuels in the EU and US - Theoretical framework and empirical analysis... 79, Jadwiga Ziolkowska, Leo Simon; Fortune favours fools - Are complex algorithms for price expectation worthwhile?... 89, Franziska Appel, Arlette Ostermeyer; RURAL DEVELOPMENT ... 101; Designing the 'Rural Sensitive Evaluation Model' based upon LEADER principles and its testing in four Serbian municipalities ... 103, Branislav Milic; Tea-Intercropping - A socio environmental Study in Xishuangbanna, Southwest-China ... 113, Asaf Leshem, Thomas Aenis, Patrick Artur Grötz; Innovation histories and their interdependency - A situation analysis of selected villages in Xishuangbanna, Southwest-China... 119, Patrick Artur Grötz, Thomas Aenis, Lixia Tang, Uwe Jens Nagel, Volker Hoffmann; LAND USE AND PRODUCTIVITY... 129; Land degradation from agricultural activities in Uzbekistan: A review of evidence ... 131, Farhod Ahrorov; Land consolidation for increasing cotton production in Uzbekistan: Also adequat for triggering rural development? ... 140, Nodir Djanibekov, John P.A. Lamers, Ihtiyor Bobojonov
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Research Report

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