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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014Information technologies and provision of national identification cards by the Bolivian Police: Evidence from two randomized natural fields experimentsChong, Alberto; Machicado Salas, Gustavo; Yanez-Pagans, Monica
2015Regional development, income distribution and gender in Bolivia: Insights from a 2012 Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) and multiple analysisJemio, Luis Carlos; Andersen, Lykke Eg; Breisinger, Clemens; Wiebelt, Manfred
2014Construyendo resiliencia ante shocks adversos: Factores y estrategias asociadas a la vulnerabilidad y la resilienciaAndersen, Lykke E.; Cardona, Marcelo
2012Influence of age of child on differences in life satisfaction of males and females: A comparative study among East Asian countriesYamamura, Eiji; Rodriguez Andres, Antonio
2014Gender, ethnicity and climate change in Mexico: An analysis of vulnerability and resilience based on household surveysAndersen, Lykke E.; Doyle, Anna Sophia; Verner, Dorte; Wiebelt, Manfred
2011Rethinking earnings determinants in the urban areas of BoliviaMuriel H., Beatriz
2012Exportaciones y empleo en BoliviaMuriel H., Beatriz; Mayorga, Joaquín
2015Flujos físicos y monetarios relacionados a los recursos hídricos en las ciudades de La Paz y El Altodel Granado, Susana; Andersen, Lykke Eg
2012Peer effects in risk aversionGandelman, Néstor; Balsa, Ana; González, Nicolás
2014Wage differentials: Trade openness and wage bargainingGonzaga, Gustavo; Muriel, Beatriz; Terra, Cristina