IAB-Discussion Paper, Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung (IAB)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Career paths of PhD graduates in Eastern and Western Germany: Same qualification, same labor market outcomes?Rehs, Andreas; Fuchs, Michaela
2020 The effect of social networks on migrants' labor market integration: A natural experimentGërxhani, Klarita; Kosyakova, Yuliya
2020 Firm productivity, wages, and sortingLochner, Benjamin; Schulz, Bastian
2020 Das Klimaschutzprogramm 2030: Effekte auf Wirtschaft und Erwerbstätigkeit durch das Klimaschutzprogramm 2030 der BundesregierungMönnig, Anke; Schneemann, Christian; Weber, Enzo; Zika, Gerd
2020 Not coming in today - firm productivity differentials and the epidemiology of the fluDorner, Matthias; Haller, Peter
2020 Recruitment policies, job-filling rates and matching efficiencyCarrillo-Tudela, Carlos; Gartner, Hermann; Kaas, Leo
2020 Does the estimation of the propensity score by machine learning improve matching estimation? The case of Germany's programmes for long term unemployedGoller, Daniel; Lechner, Michael; Moczall, Andreas; Wolff, Joachim
2020 The unemployment impact of the COVID-19 shutdown measures in GermanyBauer, Anja; Weber, Enzo
2020 Is there a wage curve with regional real wages?Rokicki, Bartlomiej; Blien, Uwe; Hewings, Geoffrey; Phan thi Hong, Van
2020 Die Lohnungleichheit von Vollzeitbeschäftigten in Deutschland: Rückblick und ÜberblickFitzenberger, Bernd; Seidlitz, Arnim
2020 Labor in the boardroomJäger, Simon; Schoefer, Benjamin; Heining, Jörg
2020 Parental leave reform and long-run earnings of mothersFrodermann, Corinna; Wrohlich, Katharina; Zucco, Aline
2020 Decomposing the large firm wage premium in GermanyLochner, Benjamin; Seth, Stefan; Wolter, Stefanie
2020 Auswirkungen des Corona-Konjunkturprogramms auf Wirtschaft und ErwerbstätigkeitWolter, Marc Ingo; Helmrich, Robert; Schneemann, Christian; Weber, Enzo; Zilka, Gerd
2020 Persistence of commuting habits: Context effects in GermanyJost, Ramona
2020 Do parents' flexible working hours affect fathers' contribution to domestic work? Evidence from a factorial surveyKrug, Gerhard; Bähr, Sebastian; Diener, Katharina; Abraham, Martin
2020 Robots worldwide: The impact of automation on employment and tradeCarbonero, Francesco; Ernst, Ekkehard; Weber, Enzo
2020 Evidence on job search models from a survey of unemployed workers in GermanyDella Vigna, Stefano; Heining, Jörg; Schmieder, Johannes; Trenkle, Simon
2020 Measurement error in minimum wage evaluations using survey dataBossler, Mario; Westermeier, Christian
2019 Which factors are behind Germany's labour market upswing?Hutter, Christian; Klinger, Sabine; Weber, Enzo; Trenkler, Carsten
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 469