Discussion Papers, Zentrum für Ökonomische und Soziologische Studien, Universität Hamburg

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2019 Consumption dispersion between white-collar and blue-collar workers and rising market concentration in the USA: 1984-2011Dögüs, Ilhan
2019 Wechselwirkungen zwischen orthodoxer Wirtschaftswissenschaft und NeoliberalismusHübenbecker, Ulf
2019 Neo-Kaleckian and neo-Marxian regime research: A promising scientific research programme or a scientific cul-de-sac?Heise, Arne
2018 Reclaiming the university: Transforming economics as a disciplineHeise, Arne
2018 Introducing minimum wages in Germany: Employment effects in a post Keynesian perspectiveHeise, Arne; Pusch, Toralf
2018 Postkeynesianismus: Ein heterodoxer Ansatz auf der Suche nach einer FundierungHeise, Arne
2018 Ludwik Fleck's philosophy and sociology of science and the resilience of modern neoclassical economics: A case studyHeise, Arne
2018 The welfare state and liberal democracy: A political economy approachHeise, Arne; Serfraz Khan, Ayesha
2017 What is the effect of foreign direct investment inflows on economic growth in Pakistan? An empirical analysis in the light of religious sectarianism as catalyst for terrorismSerfraz, Ayesha
2017 Analyzing short-run and long-run causality between FDI flows, labour productivity and education in PakistanSerfraz, Ayesha
2017 Foreign direct investment inflows and labor productivity in Pakistan: A sector-wise panel cointegration analysisSerfraz, Ayesha
2017 Wirtschaftspolitischer Diskurs ohne Alternativen: Zur Notwendigkeit einer pluralen ÖkonomikHeise, Arne
2017 Wachstum als Verflechtungsmechanismus: Ein Prozessmodell am Beispiel des Hamburger Drogerie-EinzelhandelsKaven, Carsten
2017 Rising wage dispersion between white-collar and blue-collar workers and market concentration: The case of the USA, 1966-2011Dögüs, Ilhan
2017 Wage dispersion and pension funds: Financialisation of non-financial corporations in the USA, 1966-2013Dögüs, Ilhan
2017 Reconciling facts with fiction: Minimum wages in a post-Keynesian perspectiveHeise, Arne
2016 Hat die Demokratie in Europa noch eine Chance?Brunkhorst, Hauke
2016 Whither economic complexity? A new heterodox economic paradigm or just another variation within the mainstream?Heise, Arne
2016 A Minskyan criticism on the shareholder pressure approach of financialisationDögüs, Ilhan
2016 Über den Begriff der Gegenwart: Eine historisch-soziologische BetrachtungKaven, Carsten
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 74
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