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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005A model-based approach for designing cost-effective compensation payments for conservation of endangered species in real landscapesDrechsler, Martin; Wätzold, Frank; Johst, Karin; Bergmann, Holger; Settele, Josef
2009Integrating knowledge from social and natural sciences for biodiversity management: The asymmetric information trapWätzold, Frank; Haberl, Helmut; Svarstad, Hanne; van Reeth, Wouter; White, Rehema
2014Handbuch der Software DSS-Ecopay Version 2.0 zur Bestimmung kosteneffizienter Ausgleichszahlungen für Maßnahmen zum Schutz gefährdeter Arten und Lebensraumtypen im GrünlandMewes, Melanie; Sturm, Astrid; Johst, Karin; Drechsler, Martin; Wätzold, Frank
2007An agglomeration payment for cost-effective biodiversity conservation in spatially structured landscapesDrechsler, Martin; Johst, Karin; Wätzold, Frank; Shogren, Jason F.
2004Why be wasteful when preserving a valuable resource? A review article on the cost-effectiveness of European biodiversity conservation policyWätzold, Frank; Schwerdtner, Kathleen
2008Applying tradable permits to biodiversity conservation: A conceptual analysis of trading rulesWissel, Silvia; Wätzold, Frank
2006Managing land use and land cover change in the biodiversity context with regard to efficiency, equality and ecological effectivenessOhl, Cornelia; Drechsler, Martin; Johst, Karin; Wätzold, Frank
2005Differences and similarities between ecological and economic models for biodiversity conservationDrechsler, Martin; Grimma, Volker; Myšiak, Jaroslav; Wätzold, Frank