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Rincon, Jairo Munive
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DIIS working paper 2010:05
Disputes over land ownership in the context of refugee return, ex-combatant presence and reconstruction efforts are explored in this DIIS Working Paper. 'Return' entails much more than helping displaced and refugee populations to go back home and reconstruct their lives. In Liberia - and other post-conflict countries - war has altered settlement patterns and the composition of communities, along with the sources of livelihood and the way land is used. In relation to return movements it is necessary to ask: return to what and under what conditions? Likewise, international and national efforts have been put into securing that Liberian ex-combatants are making a living away from the gun and reintegrating into society - but reintegration into what? Research for this working paper included the making of a documentary. The film centers on showing ex-combatants' and returnees' relation to space and place in post-conflict Liberia. The use of video enables a vivid presentation and understanding of what is at stake in current land disputes - clearly an important issue for the presented individuals - and arguably for most Liberians.
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Working Paper

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