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2021 Transparency in the extractive industries sector as a legal tool for strengthening good governance: The EU's approachAbdulatova, Nilyufar
2021 EU-US climate cooperation: Challenges and opportunities for the implementation of the Paris agreementStranadko, Nataliya
2020 Die Target-Salden in der Eurozone: "Falle" oder Scheinproblem?Eger, Thomas; Weise, Peter
2020 Standing before the second Lisbon decade: The legal discourse on the future of European integrationMartini, Stefan
2020 Bridging the gap in transatlantic data protectionMaldonado, Eric
2020 Please don't hurt me, I will rate you: Reputation systems as self-regulatory mechanisms for the sharing economyStergiou, Paraskevi (Vivian) M.
2020 European identity discourses in the contested neighborhood of Europe and Russia: The case of UkraineMinesashvili, Salome
2019 Im Dienste der Demokratie? Das institutionelle Gleichgewicht in der gemeinsamen Handelspolitik der EUTerhechte, Jörg Philipp
2018 Revisiting public support for the euro, 1999-2017: Accounting for the crisis and the recoveryRoth, Felix; Baake, E.; Jonung, Lars; Nowak-Lehmann D., Felicitas
2018 Official communications of the European External Action Service with Russia: Crafting the image of normative power EuropeIgumnova, Lyudmila
2018 The recent challenges for the European system of fundamental rights: Protocol No. 16 to the ECHR and its role facing constitutional and European Union level of protectionZampetti, Giovanni
2017 European political parties and European public space from the Maastricht Treaty to the Reg. No. 1141/2014Saitto, Francesco
2017 Competition and the public interest in the digital market for informationLombardi, Claudio
2016 EU integration and the introduction of State aid control in Serbia: Institutional challenges and reform prospectsMilenkovic, Marko
2016 The extraterritorial reach of EU competition law revisited: The "effects doctrine" before the ECJBehrens, Peter
2016 Domestic facilitators and impediments to EU democracy promotion in its Eastern neighbourhood: The cost-benefit balance of norm adoptionBuscaneanu, Sergiu
2015 The development of Kosovo and its relationship with the EUNezaj, Novitet Xh.
2015 The adjustment of Moldova's competition law to European Union competition lawBologan, Dumitriţa
2015 The influence of the accession negotiations between the EU and Turkey on Turkey's employment and social policiesKuşlu, Göksel
2015 Kosovo's transformation into a market economyNezaj, Novitet Xh.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 43
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