21st European Regional ITS Conference, Copenhagen 2010

This collection contains the conference papers from the

21st European Regional ITS Conference
Copenhagen, 13-15 September 2010

"Telecommunications at new crossroads: Changing value configurations, user roles, and regulation"

During the past decades, telecommunications and IT have gone through fundamental changes technologically, economically and politically resulting in new challenges and crossroads. Convergence between telecommunications, IT and the media has reached a stage where entirely new value configurations are taking shape. The role of users is also changing with the widespread growth of social networks and other user centred applications. These developments raise new policy and regulatory issues, such as the governance of content and services. Regulatory questions reappear in new forms in the infrastructure area with the development of next generation networks. Furthermore, ICTs are increasingly applied in relation to energy saving, health and environmental issues creating new business potentials as well as new regulator/policy challenges.

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2010 The transformation of household expenditure from offline to online: The case of South KoreaLee, Dong Hee; Lee, Duk Hee
2010 Coexistence of service- and facility-based competition: The relevance of access prices for "make-or-buy"-decisionsBender, Christian M.; Götz, Georg
2010 Timing and determinants of local residential broadband adoption: evidence from IrelandLyons, Sean
2010 Empirical Study of Effect of Deregulation, Competition, and Contents on Mobile Phone Diffusion: Case of the Japanese 3G MarketAkematsu, Yuji; Abu, Sheikh Taher; Tsuji, Masatsugu
2010 Open Innovation Success Factors by ICT Use in Japanese FirmsIdota, Hiroki; Bunno, Teruyuki; Tsuji, Masatsugu
2010 Value Creation in a QoE EnvironmentHeger, Tobias; Schlesinger, Maximilian D.
2010 A behavioural model of the adoption and use of new telecommunications media: the effects of communication scenarios and media product/service attributesHu, Tun-I; Fildes, Robert
2010 Competition through Technical ProgressJeanjean, François
2010 Community owned fibre optic networks - a sustainable broadband future for rural areas in Croatia?Brusic, Igor; Lundborg, Martin; Reichl, Wolfgang
2010 Wireless Broadband Access: Policy Implications of Heterogeneous NetworksRendon Schneir, Juan
2010 Fixed to VoIP Interconnection: Regulation with Asymmetric Termination CostsStühmeier, Torben
2010 Understanding the Ghanaian Telecom Reform: An Institutional Theory PerspectiveTobbin, Peter
2010 The interplay between market factors and regulation in next-generation broadband: evidence from EuropeRagoobar, Tricia; Whalley, Jason; Harle, David
2010 Improving consumer mobility in the mobile voice services market: a comprehensive set of remediesAmante, Ana; Vareda, João
2010 Discounts and price discrimination in the Telecommunications Regulation of NGA NetworksLundborg, Martin; Ruhle, Ernst-Olav; Bahr, Christian
2010 Challenging content exclusivity in network industries: the case of digital broadcastingEvens, Tom
2010 Competition between fixed and mobile broadband access based on mobility and data volumeLiang, Julienne
2010 Network Neutrality and Quality of Service: A two-sided market analysisKöksal, Emin
2010 Analysis of QoS Platform Cooperation StrategiesWulf, Jochen; Limbach, Felix; Zarnekow, Rüdiger
2010 Business models for deployment and operation of femtocell networks; - Are new cooperation strategies needed for mobile operators?Markendahl, Jan; Nilson, Mats
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 45
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