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2023 How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect regional labour markets and why do large cities suffer most?Hamann, Silke; Niebuhr, Annekatrin; Roth, Duncan; Sieglen, Georg
2023 Hawks and doves: Financial market perception of Western support for UkraineNeuenkirch, Matthias; Repko, Maria; Weber, Enzo
2023 Labor demand on a tight leashBossler, Mario; Popp, Martin
2022 Universal, targeted or both: Effects of different child support policies on labour supply and poverty - A simulation studyBruckmeier, Kerstin; D'Andria, Diego; Wiemers, Jürgen
2022 Beyond lost earnings: The long-term impact of job displacement on workers' commuting behaviorDuan, Yige; Jost, Oskar; Jost, Ramona
2022 Later one knows better: The over-reporting of short-time work in firm surveysKagerl, Christian; Schierholz, Malte; Fitzenberger, Bernd
2022 Can algorithms reliably predict long-term unemployment in times of crisis? Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemicKunaschk, Max; Lang, Julia
2022 Russia-Ukraine war: Short-run production and labour market effects of the energy crisisHutter, Christian; Weber, Enzo
2022 Sickness absence due to Covid test obligations in the workplaceWanger, Susanne; Weber, Enzo
2022 Labour market effects of supply chain bottlenecksHummel, Markus; Hutter, Christian; Weber, Enzo
2022 Support on the way to the top? The effect of organisational equal opportunities measures on women's promotion prospectsWanger, Susanne
2022 Regional structural change and the effects of job lossArntz, Melanie; Ivanov, Boris; Pohlan, Laura
2022 Making integration work? Facilitating access to occupational recognition and immigrants labor market performanceAnger, Silke; Bassetto, Jacopo; Sandner, Malte
2022 The "German job miracle" and its impact on income inequality: A decomposition studyMühlhan, Jannek
2022 Going public and the internal organization of the firmBias, Daniel; Lochner, Benjamin; Obernberger, Stefan; Sevilir, Merih
2022 QuBe-Bevölkerungsprojektion für die Kreise und kreisfreien Städte DeutschlandsStudtrucker, Maximilian; Kalinowski, Michael; Schneemann, Christian; Söhnlein, Doris; Zika, Gerd
2022 Exits from and returns to welfare benefit receipt in Germany: Cumulative disadvantages or a different kettle of fish?Lietzmann, Torsten; Hohmeyer, Katrin
2022 The fertility response to cutting child related welfare benefitsSandner, Malte; Wiynck, Frederik
2022 Machine learning for labour market matchingMühlbauer, Sabrina; Weber, Enzo
2022 Health, personality disorders, work commitment and training to employment transitionsPatzina, Alexander; Dietrich, Hans; Barabasch, Anton
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 540