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2020 Shaking Things Up: On the Stability of Risk and Time PreferencesBeine, Michel; Charness, Gary; Dupuy, Arnaud; Joxhe, Majlinda
2020 Social Stability Challenged: Pandemics, Inequality and Policy ResponsesPerugini, Cristiano; Vladisavljevic, Marko
2020 The Graduate Wage and Earnings Premia and the Role of Non-Cognitive SkillsBuchmueller, Gerda; Walker, Ian
2020 Game of Prejudice: Experiments at the Extensive and Intensive MarginDasgupta, Utteeyo; Mani, Subha; Vecci, Joseph; Želinský, Tomáš
2020 Recruitment Policies, Job-Filling Rates and Matching EfficiencyCarrillo-Tudela, Carlos; Gartner, Hermann; Kaas, Leo
2020 Deliberation Enhances the Confirmation Bias: An Examination of Politics and ReligionDickinson, David L.
2020 Wages, Hires, and Labor Market ConcentrationMarinescu, Ioana E.; Ouss, Ivan; Pape, Louis-Daniel
2020 Does Electricity Drive Structural Transformation? Evidence from the United StatesGaggl, Paul; Gray, Rowena; Marinescu, Ioana E.; Morin, Miguel
2020 Sleep Restriction Increases Coordination FailureCastillo, Marco; Dickinson, David L.
2020 'More Than One Red Herring'? Heterogeneous Effects of Ageing on Healthcare UtilisationCosta-Font, Joan; Vilaplana-Prieto, Cristina
2020 Occupational Exposure to Contagion and the Spread of COVID-19 in EuropeLewandowski, Piotr
2020 Deregulation in a Time of Pandemic: Does Pollution Increase Coronavirus Cases or Deaths?Persico, Claudia; Johnson, Kathryn R.
2020 Modelling the Distributional Impact of the COVID-19 CrisisO'Donoghue, Cathal; Sologon, Denisa Maria; Kyzyma, Iryna; McHale, John
2020 The Influence of Hidden Researcher Decisions in Applied MicroeconomicsHuntington-Klein, Nick; Arenas, Andreu; Beam, Emily A.; Bertoni, Marco; Bloem, Jeffrey R.; Burli, Pralhad; Chen, Naibin; Greico, Paul; Ekpe, Godwin; Pugatch, Todd; Saavedra, Martin; Stopnitzky, Yaniv
2020 Stay-At-Home Orders, Social Distancing and TrustBrodeur, Abel; Grigoryeva, Idaliya; Kattan, Lamis
2020 Job Search during the COVID-19 CrisisHensvik, Lena; Le Barbanchon, Thomas; Rathelot, Roland
2020 A Methodological Rejoinder to "Does Income Relate to Health Due to Psychosocial or Material Factors?"Stark, Oded; Jakubek, Marcin
2020 Six-Country Survey on COVID-19Belot, Michèle; Choi, Syngjoo; Jamison, Julian C.; Papageorge, Nicholas W.; Tripodi, Egon; van den Broek-Altenburg, Eline
2020 The Accumulation of Human and Market Capital in the United States: The Long View, 1948–2013Fraumeni, Barbara M.; Christian, Michael S.; Samuels, Jon D.
2020 Why Does the U.S. Have the Best Research Universities? Incentives, Resources, and Virtuous CirclesMacLeod, W. Bentley; Urquiola, Miguel
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 13839
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