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2022 Finding your calling: Matching skills with jobs in the mutual fund industryCici, Gjergji; Hendriock, Mario; Kempf, Alexander
2022 The effect of sentiment on institutional investors: A gender analysisGehde-Trapp, Monika; Klingler, Linda
2022 Limits of disclosure regulation in the municipal bond marketIvanov, Ivan T.; Zimmermann, Tom; Heinrich, Nathan W.
2022 Does it pay to invest in dirty industries? New insights on the shunned-stock hypothesisBauckloh, Michael Tobias; Beyer, Victor; Klein, Christian
2022 Conflicting incentives in the management of 529 plansBalthrop, Justin; Cici, Gjergji
2022 Indexing and the performance-flow relation of actively managed mutual fundsLesmeister, Simon; Limbach, Peter; Rau, P. Raghavendra; Sonnenburg, Florian
2022 Under pressure: The link between mandatory climate reporting and firms' carbon performanceBauckloh, Michael Tobias; Klein, Christian; Pioch, Thomas; Schiemann, Frank
2022 Do financial advisors matter for M&A pre-announcement returns?Betzer, André; Gider, Jasmin; Limbach, Peter
2022 Back to the roots: Ancestral origin and mutual fund manager portfolio choiceAmmann, Manuel; Cochardt, Alexander Elmar; Straumann, Simon; Weigert, Florian
2022 Trust and monitoringLesmeister, Simon; Limbach, Peter; Goergen, Marc
2022 One for the money, two for the show? The number of designated market makers and liquidityTheissen, Erik; Westheide, Christian
2022 Birth order and fund manager's trading behavior: Role of sibling rivalryAgarwal, Vikas; Cochardt, Alexander Elmar; Orlov, Vitaly
2022 The performance of corporate bond mutual funds and the allocation of underpriced new issuesCici, Gjergji; Gibson, Scott; Qin, Nan; Zhang, Alex
2022 Once bitten, twice shy: Failed deals and subsequent M&A cautiousnessCampbell, Robert J.; Limbach, Peter; Reusche, Johannes
2021 Till death (or divorce) do us part: Early-life family disruption and investment behaviorBetzer, André; Limbach, Peter; Rau, P. Raghavendra; Schürmann, Henrik
2021 News or noise: Mobile internet technology and stock market activityBrown, Nerissa C.; Elliott, W. Brooke; Wermers, Russ; White, Roger M.
2021 Redemption in kind and mutual fund liquidity managementAgarwal, Vikas; Ren, Honglin; Shen, Ke; Zhao, Haibei
2021 Mutual Fund Bets on Market PowerJaspersen, Stefan
2021 Political uncertainty and household stock market participationAgarwal, Vikas; Aslan, Hadiye; Huang, Lixin; Ren, Honglin
2021 Do ETFs increase the commonality in liquidity of underlying stocks?Agarwal, Vikas; Hanouna, Paul; Moussawi, Rabih; Stahel, Christof W.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 236
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