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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010The IZA evaluation dataset: Towards evidence-based labor policy-makingCaliendo, Marco; Falk, Armin; Kaiser, Lutz C.; Schneider, Hilmar; Uhlendorff, Arne; van den Berg, Gerard J.; Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2019The Causal Effects of Education on Adult Health, Mortality and Income: Evidence from Mendelian Randomization and the Raising of the School Leaving AgeDavies, Neil; Dickson, Matt; Smith, George Davey; Windmeijer, Frank; van den Berg, Gerard J.
2019Long-Run Effects of Dynamically Assigned Treatments: A New Methodology and an Evaluation of Training Effects on Earningsvan den Berg, Gerard J.; Vikström, Johan
2019Reciprocity and the Interaction between the Unemployed and the Caseworkervan den Berg, Gerard J.; Kesternich, Iris; Müller, Gerrit; Siflinger, Bettina M.
2001Counseling and Monitoring of Unemployed Workers: Theory and Evidence from a Controlled Social Experimentvan den Berg, Gerard J.; van der Klaauw, Bas
2001An Econometric Analysis of the Mental-Health Effects of Major Events in the Life of Elderly IndividualsLindeboom, Maarten; Portrait, France; van den Berg, Gerard J.
2012The economics of griefvan den Berg, Gerard J.; Lundborg, Petter; Vikström, Johan
2005The Knowledge Lift : The Swedish Adult Education Program That Aimed to Eliminate Low Worker Skill LevelsAlbrecht, James; van den Berg, Gerard J.; Vroman, Susan
2016Nonparametric Instrumental Variable Methods for Dynamic Treatment Evaluationvan den Berg, Gerard J.; Bonev, Petyo; Mammen, Enno
2004Survey Non-Response and Unemployment Durationvan den Berg, Gerard J.; Lindeboom, Maarten; Dolton, Peter J.