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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015The Moderating Effect of Higher Education on Intergenerational Spatial Inequalityde Vuijst, Elise; van Ham, Maarten; Kleinhans, Reinout
2015Types of Spatial Mobility and the Ethnic Context of Destination Neighbourhoods in EstoniaMägi, Kadi; Leetmaa, Kadri; Tammaru, Tiit; van Ham, Maarten
2015Socio-Economic Segregation in European Capital Cities: Increasing Separation between Poor and RichMusterd, Sako; Marcińczak, Szymon; van Ham, Maarten; Tammaru, Tiit
2015Mandatory Volunteer Work as Fair Reciprocity for Unemployment and Social Benefits?Veldboer, Lex; Kleinhans, Reinout; van Ham, Maarten
2019Neighbourhood and School Poverty Simultaneously Predicting Educational Achievement, Taking into Account Timing and Duration of ExposureNieuwenhuis, Jaap; Kleinepier, Tom; van Ham, Maarten
2019Working from Home and Commuting: Heterogeneity over Time, Space, and Occupationsde Vos, Duco; van Ham, Maarten; Meijers, Evert J.
2016Disentangling Neighborhood Effects in Person-Context Research: An Application of a Neighborhood-Based Group DecompositionVogel, Matt; van Ham, Maarten
2016EthniCity of Leisure: A Domains Approach to Ethnic Integration During Free Time ActivitiesKamenik, Kristiina; Tammaru, Tiit; van Ham, Maarten
2002Overeducation, Regional Labour Markets and Spatial FlexibilityBüchel, Felix; van Ham, Maarten
2016Neoliberalization and the Changing Roles of Stakeholders in State-Led Shantytown Redevelopment in Shenyang City, ChinaLi, Xin; Kleinhans, Reinout; van Ham, Maarten