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2021 EU-US Relations: Reinventing the Transatlantic AgendaBlockmans, Steven
2021 Restoring Public Trust After Trump and COVID-19Bourguignon, Jiffer; Sprenger, Ekaterina
2021 Transatlantic Trade Dispute: Solution for Airbus-Boeing Under Biden?Wittig, Stephan
2021 COVID-19: Lockdowns, Fatality Rates and GDP Growth. Evidence for the First Three Quarters of 2020König, Michael; Winkler, Adalbert
2021 Biden's Security Policy: Democratic Security or Democratic Exceptionalism?Soare, Simona R.
2021 COVID-19 and the Growth PotentialGrömling, Michael
2021 Why the COVID-19 Pandemic Could Increase the Corporate Saving Trend in the Long RunDemary, Markus; Hasenclever, Stefan; Hüther, Michael
2021 A Real Chance for the Transatlantic Partnership on Climate PolicyKemfert, Claudia
2021 The Long-Term Growth Impact of Refugee Migration in Europe: A Case StudyManthei, Gerrit
2021 Transatlantic Priorities: Data GovernanceAaronson, Susan Ariel
2021 Taming the Chinese Dragon: A Promising Cornerstone for Transatlantic Trade Cooperation?Evenett, Simon J.
2021 Is a European Recovery Possible Without High-Tech Public Corporations?Archibugi, Daniele; Mariella, Vitantonio
2021 Country-by-Country Reporting: A Step Towards Unitary Taxation?Viegas, Miguel; Dias, António
2021 Financial Stability Is Easier to Green Than Monetary PolicyPfister, Christian; Valla, Natacha
2021 A Social Dimension for a New Industrial Strategy for EuropeAlcidi, Cinzia; Baiocco, Sara; Corti, Francesco
2021 The EU Industrial Strategy: Towards a Post-Growth Agenda?Renda, Andrea
2021 EU Trade Policy in Light of the New Industrial Strategy for EuropeSchaus, Malorie
2021 A Deeper Union: From a Failed Project to the European Quality LeadAiginger, Karl
2021 The EU Health Union in Search of a Definition and an Open DiscussionSipiczki, Agnes; Lannoo, Karel
2021 Europe's Vaccine Paradox: From Supply to Demand IssuesBongardt, Annette; Torres, Francisco
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 4310