Jena Economic Research Papers (2007-2014), Max-Planck-Institut für Ökonomik und Universität Jena

Diese Sammlung enthält die Jena Economic Research Papers von 2007 bis 2014. Die ab 2015 innerhalb dieser Reihe erschienenen Papiere sind hier zu finden:

This collection contains the Jena Economic Research Papers from 2007 to 2014. The papers published from 2015 on can be found here:

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 Trust in generosity: An experiment of the repeated Yes-No gameGüth, Werner; Otsubo, Hironori
2014 An ultimatum game with multidimensional response strategiesGüth, Werner; Levati, M. Vittoria; Nardi, Chiara; Soraperra, Ivan
2014 Backbone services as growth enabling factor: An input-output analysis for South AfricaDettmer, Bianka; Fricke, Susanne
2014 Surviving against the tide: Are new businesses in innovative industries Less affected by general economic trends?Fritsch, Michael; Noseleit, Florian; Schindele, Yvonne
2014 Testing the strength and robustness of the attraction effect in consumer decision makingCrosetto, Paolo; Gaudeul, Alexia
2014 Does expressing disapproval influence future cooperation? An experimental studyKoukoumelis, Anastasios; Levati, M. Vittoria
2014 Do firms benefit from complementarity effect in R&D and what drives their R&D strategy choices?Cantner, Uwe; Savin, Ivan
2014 Labour market integration, human capital formation, and mobilityHaupt, Alexander; Übelmesser, Silke
2014 Collective choices under ambiguityLevati, M. Vittoria; Napel, Stefan; Soraperra, Ivan
2014 A hybrid game with conditional and unconditional veto powerGüth, Werner; Levati, M. Vittoria; Montinari, Natalia; Nardi, Chiara
2014 Choosing whether to compete: Price and format competition with consumer confusionCrosetto, Paolo; Gaudeul, Alexia
2014 An experimental investigation into queueing behaviorConte, Anna; Scarsini, Marco; Sürücü, Oktay
2014 Crowdfunding: Determinants of success and funding dynamicsCrosetto, Paolo; Regner, Tobias
2014 Do entrepreneurs really earn less?Fritsch, Michael; Kritikos, Alexander; Sorgner, Alina
2014 On the equivalence between iterated application of choice rules and common belief of applying these rulesTrost, Michael
2014 Yours, mine & ours: The role of gender and (equivalent) income in preferences for redistribution and public spendingHaußen, Tina
2013 Drivers of self-employment: A multivariate decomposition analysis for the case of GermanyFritsch, Michael; Kritikos, Alexander; Sorgner, Alina
2013 Business cycles, unemployment and entrepreneurial entry: First evidence from GermanyFritsch, Michael; Kritikos, Alexander; Pijnenburg, Katharina
2013 Revealed notions of distributive justice I: TheoryBecker, Nicole; Häger, Kirsten; Heufer, Jan
2013 Identifying genuine effects in observational research by means of meta-regressionsBruns, Stephan B.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 619