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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010Is fairness blind? The effect of framing on preferences for effort-sharing rulesCarlsson, Fredrik; Kataria, Mitesh; Lampi, Elina; Löfgren, Åsa; Sterner, Thomas
2009Dealing with ignored attributes in choice experiments on valuation of Sweden's environmental quality objectivesCarlsson, Fredrik; Kataria, Mitesh; Lampi, Elina
2009Do EPA administrators recommend environmental policies that citizens want?Carlsson, Fredrik; Kataria, Mitesh; Lampi, Elina
2010Incomplete preferences in choice experiments: A note on avoidable noise and bias in welfare estimatesKataria, Mitesh; Shogren, Jason F.
2013You are who your friends are: An experiment on trust and homophily in friendship networksKataria, Mitesh; Winter, Fabian
2010The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth a multiple country test of an oath scriptCarlsson, Frederik; Kataria, Mitesh; Krupnick, Alan; Lampi, Elina; Löfgren, Asa
2013Confirmation: What's in the evidence?Kataria, Mitesh
2012Honestly, why are you donating money to charity? An experimental study about self-awareness in status- seeking behaviorKataria, Mitesh; Regner, Tobias
2010The role of preferences in disagreements over scientific hypothesis: An empirical inquiry into environmental and economic decision makingKataria, Mitesh
2010A fair share: Burden-sharing preferences in the United States and ChinaCarlsson, Fredrik; Kataria, Mitesh; Krupnick, Alan; Lampi, Elina; Löfgren, Åsa; Qin, Ping; Sterner, Thomas; Chung, Susie