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Malchow-Møller, Nikolaj
Munch, Jakob Roland
Schroll, Sanne
Rose Skaksen, Jan
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IZA Discussion Papers 2283
In this paper, we re-examine the role of economic self-interest in shaping people's attitudes towards immigration, using data from the European Social Survey 2002/2003. Compared to the existing literature, there are two main contributions of the present paper. First, we develop a more powerful test of the hypothesis that a positive relationship between education and attitudes towards immigration reflects economic self-interest in the labour market. Second, we develop an alternative and more direct test of whether economic self-interest matters for people's attitudes towards immigration. We find that while the original relationship between education and attitudes found in the literature is unlikely to reflect economic self-interest, there is considerable evidence of economic self-interest when using the more direct test.
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Working Paper

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