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Arslan, Aslıhan
Effenberger, Alexandra
Lücke, Matthias
Omar Mahmoud, Toman
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[Title:] The crisis and beyond [Editor:] Klodt, Henning [Editor:] Lehment, Harmen [Place:] Kiel [Publisher:] Kiel Institute for the World Economy [Year:] 2009 [Pages:] 160-173
Risk evaluation is crucial for practitioners as it allows them to make better investment decisions. However, the recently witnessed financial turmoil has demonstrated the inadequacy of many models for preventive risk evaluation. In particular, it is now evident that new methods are needed to anticipate and manage risk in asset markets more accurately. In this article we discuss some of the "blind spots" in risk management uncovered by the financial crisis and suggest alternative models for the evaluation and prevention of risk that can be useful for the new "toolkit" of financial practitioners and regulators.
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