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Chen, Yi-Chun
Xiong, Siyang
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Discussion paper // Center for Mathematical Studies in Economics and Management Science 1470
For diþerent purposes, economists may use diþerent topologies on types. We characterize the relationship among these various topologies. First, we show that for any general types, convergence in the uniform-weak topology implies convergence in both the strategic topology and the uniform strategic topology. Second, we explicitly construct a type which is not the limit of any .nite types under the uniform strategic topology, showing that the uniform strategic topology is strictly .ner than the strategic topology. With these results, we can linearly rank various topologies on the universal type space, which gives a clear picture of the relationship between the implication of types for beliefs and their implication for behaviors.
the universal type space
the strategic topology
the uniform strategic topology
the uniform-weak topology
interim correlated rationalizable actions
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Working Paper

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