Discussion Papers of the Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods

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2022 Motivated reasoning, information avoidance, and default biasMomsen, Katharina; Schneider, Sebastian O.
2022 The politicized pandemic: Ideological polarization and the behavioral response to COVID-19Grimalda, Gianluca; Murtin, Fabrice; Pipke, David; Putterman, Louis G.; Sutter, Matthias
2022 School choice with consent: An experimentCerrone, Claudia; Hermstrüwer, Yoan; Kesten, Onur
2021 Crime as conditional rule violationEngel, Christoph
2021 Improving healthy eating in children: Experimental evidenceCharness, Gary; Cobo-Reyes, Ramón; Eyster, Erik; Katz, Gabriel; Sánchez, Ángela; Sutter, Matthias
2021 Parental paternalism and patienceKiessling, Lukas; Chowdhury, Shyamal K.; Schildberg-Hörisch, Hannah; Sutter, Matthias
2021 Der Umgang mit Empirie beim Nachweis von DiskriminierungTowfigh, Emanuel V.
2021 How do people trade off resources between quick and slow learners?Falch, Ranveig
2021 Lucky You: Your Case is Heard by a Seasoned Panel - Panel Effects in the German Constitutional CourtEngel, Christoph
2021 Competitiveness of entrepreneurs and salaried workersBalafoutas, Loukas; Batsaikhan, Mongoljin; Sutter, Matthias
2021 The roots of cooperationBašić, Zvonimir; Bindra, Parampreet Christopher; Glätzle-Rützler, Daniela; Romano, Angelo; Sutter, Matthias; Zoller, Claudia
2021 Wettbewerb und GemeinwohlEngel, Christoph
2021 Improving workplace climate in large corporations: A clustered randomized interventionAlan, Sule; Corekcioglu, Gozde; Sutter, Matthias
2021 Safe assets, risky assets, and dynamic inefficiency in overlapping-generations economiesHellwig, Martin
2021 Income risk, precautionary saving, and loss aversion: An empirical testIbanez, Marcela; Schneider, Sebastian O.
2021 Hybrid collusion: Algorithmic pricing in human-computer laboratory marketsNormann, Hans-Theo; Sternberg, Martin
2021 Children's patience and schooltrack choices several years later: Linking experimental and field dataAngerer, Silvia; Bolvashenkova, Jana; Glätzle-Rützler, Daniela; Lergetporer, Philipp; Sutter, Matthias
2021 Capitalism: What has gone wrong? Who went wrong? Capitalism? The market economy? Governments? "Neoliberal" economics?Hellwig, Martin
2021 Public-good provision with macro uncertainty about preferences: Efficiency, budget balance, and robustnessHellwig, Martin
2021 A simple mathematical model for the legal concept of balancing of interestsZufall, Frederike; Kimura, Rampei; Peng, Linyu
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 556
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