Preprints of the Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods

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2017 Carving out legacy assets: A successful tool for bank restructuring?Hellwig, Martin
2017 The generic possibility of full surplus extraction in models with large type spacesGizatulina, Alia; Hellwig, Martin
2017 The valuation of moral rights: A field experimentBechtold, Stefan; Engel, Christoph
2017 Inherited institutions: Cooperation in the light of democratic legitimacyLangenbach, Pascal; Tausch, Franziska
2017 How to protect entitlements: An experimentBar-Gill, Oren; Engel, Christoph
2017 Optimal income taxation with labor supply responses at two margins: When is an earned income tax credit optimal?Hansen, Emanuel
2017 Empirical methods for the lawEngel, Christoph
2017 Sophisticated and naïve procrastination: An experimental studyCerrone, Claudia; Lades, Leonhard K.
2017 Diffusion of legal innovations: The case of Israeli class actionsEngel, Christoph; Klement, Alon; Weinshall, Keren
2017 Probability measures on product spaces with uniform metricsHellwig, Martin
2017 People are conditional rule followersDesmet, Pieter; Engel, Christoph
2017 Precautionary recapitalisations: Time for a reviewHellwig, Martin
2017 Volunteering under population uncertaintyHillenbrand, Adrian; Winter, Fabian
2017 Strategy-proofness of stochastic assignment mechanismsSchmelzer, André
2016 You are in charge: Experimentally testing the motivating power of holding a judicial officeEngel, Christoph; Zhurakhovska, Lilia
2016 The solidarity motiveEngel, Christoph
2016 Investment in education under disappointment aversionAnderberg, Dan; Cerrone, Claudia
2016 The International Court of Justice and the judicial politics of identifying customary international lawPetersen, Niels
2016 Internal conflict, market uniformity, and transparency in price competition between teamsKurschilgen, Michael; Morell, Alexander; Weisel, Ori
2016 A homeomorphism theorem for the universal type space with the uniform weak topologyHellwig, Martin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 464
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