Discussion Papers of the Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods

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2023Income risk, precautionary saving, and loss aversion: An empirical testIbanez, Marcela; Schneider, Sebastian O.
2023The economics of Hilbert's hotel: An expository noteHellwig, Martin
2023Overlapping-generations economies under uncertainty: Dynamic inefficiency/efficiency with multiple assets and no labourHellwig, Martin
2023The importance of reciprocity: Investigating individual differences underlying conditional cooperationBartosch, Léon; Mischkowski, Dorothee
2023Homophily and transmission of behavioral traits in social networksBhargava, Palaash; Chen, Daniel L.; Sutter, Matthias; Terrier, Camille
2023Financial literacy, experimental preference measures and field behavior: A randomized educational interventionSutter, Matthias; Weyland, Michael; Untertrifaller, Anna; Froitzheim, Manuel; Schneider, Sebastian O.
2023Even in the best of both worlds, you can't have it all: How German voters navigate the trilemma of mixed-member proportionalityHaffert, Lukas; Langenbach, Pascal; Rommel, Tobias
2023Social norms, political polarization, and vaccination attitudes: Evidence from a survey experiment in TurkeyKaba, Mustafa; Koyuncu, Murat; Schneider, Sebastian O.; Sutter, Matthias
2023Serving consumers in an uncertain world: A credence goods experimentBalafoutas, Loukas; Fornwagner, Helena; Kerschbamer, Rudolf; Sutter, Matthias; Tverdostup, Maryna
2023Diagnostic uncertainty and insurance coverage in credence goods marketsBalafoutas, Loukas; Fornwagner, Helena; Kerschbamer, Rudolf; Sutter, Matthias; Tverdostup, Maryna
2023Complementarities in behavioral interventions: Evidence from a field experiment on resource conservationFang, Ximeng; Götte, Lorenz; Rockenbach, Bettina; Sutter, Matthias; Tiefenbeck, Verena; Schoeb, Samuel; Staake, Thorsten
2023Female leadership and workplace climateAlan, Sule; Corekcioglu, Gozde; Kaba, Mustafa; Sutter, Matthias
2023Treu und Glauben: Frag GPTEngel, Christoph
2022Reputation vs selection effects in markets with informational asymmetriesAlysandratos, Theodore; Georganas, Sotiris; Sutter, Matthias
2022Eye-tracking as a method for legal researchEngel, Christoph; Rahal, Rima-Maria
2022Information provision over the phone saves lives: An RCT to contain COVID-19 in rural Bangladesh at the pandemic's onsetChowdhury, Shyamal K.; Schildberg-Hörisch, Hannah; Schneider, Sebastian O.; Sutter, Matthias
2022Motivated reasoning, information avoidance, and default biasMomsen, Katharina; Schneider, Sebastian O.
2022School choice with consent: An experimentCerrone, Claudia; Hermstrüwer, Yoan; Kesten, Onur
2022The fairness of inequality due to risk and effort choicesSterba, Maj-Britt
2022The politicized pandemic: Ideological polarization and the behavioral response to COVID-19Grimalda, Gianluca; Murtin, Fabrice; Pipke, David; Putterman, Louis G.; Sutter, Matthias
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 581
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