Preprints of the Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods

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2016 Mechanism design and intentionsBierbrauer, Felix; Netzer, Nick
2016 Communication and voting in heterogeneous committees: An experimental studyLe Quement, Mark T.; Marcin, Isabel
2016 Institutional endogeneity and third-party punishment in social dilemmasMarcin, Isabel; Robalo, Pedro; Tausch, Franziska
2016 Risk and punishment revisited: Errors in variables and in the labEngel, Christoph; Kirchkamp, Oliver
2016 Doing it when others do: A strategic model of procrastinationCerrone, Claudia
2016 "Total assets" versus "risk weighted assets": Does it matter for MREL requirements?Hellwig, Martin
2016 Experimental criminal law: A survey of contributions from law, economics and criminologyEngel, Christoph
2016 Single versus multiple randomization in matching mechanismsSchmelzer, André
2016 A random shock is not random assignmentEngel, Christoph
2016 The EU debt crisis: Testing and revisiting conventional legal doctrineDe Grauwe, Paul; Yuemei, Ji; Steinbach, Armin
2016 Stability of risk attitudes and media coverage of economic newsTausch, Franziska; Zumbuehl, Maria
2016 Mass media, instrumental information, and electoral accountability / Christian BrunsBruns, Christian; Himmler, Oliver
2016 Effizienz oder Gerechtigkeit? Ungleiche Einkommen, ungleiche Vermögen und die Theorie der optimalen BesteuerungBierbrauer, Felix
2015 Financial stability and monetary policyHellwig, Martin
2015 The genericity of the McAfee-Reny condition for full surplus extraction in models with a continuum of typesGizatulina, Alia; Hellwig, Martin
2015 Strategic disclosure of demand information by duopolists: Theory and experimentJansen, Jos; Pollak, Andreas
2015 Public-good provision in large economies: Robust incentive compatibility, immunity to robustly blocking coalitions, and votingBierbrauer, Felix; Hellwig, Martin
2015 Public-good provision, mechanism design and votingBierbrauer, Felix; Hellwig, Martin
2015 The mutualisation of sovereign debt: Comparing the American past and the European presentSteinbach, Armin
2015 The expected externality mechanism in a Level-k environmentGorelkina, Olga
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 444
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