Violette Reihe: Schriftenreihe des Promotionsschwerpunkts "Globalisierung und Beschäftigung", Universität Hohenheim, Universität Oldenburg, Evangelisches Studienwerk

ISSN: 1618-5358

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Living standards in Lower Canada, 1831Geloso, Vincent; Kufenko, Vadim; Villeneuve, Remy
2016 Spurious periodicities in cliometric series: Simultaneous testingKufenko, Vadim
2016 Monopsony and industrial development in nineteenth century Quebec: The impact of seigneurial tenureArsenault Morin, Alex; Geloso, Vincent; Kufenko, Vadim
2016 Demographic change and regional convergence in CanadaGeloso, Vincent; Kufenko, Vadim; Prettner, Klaus
2015 The formal-informal economy dualism in a retrospective of economic thought since the 1940sClement, Christine
2015 Infant mortality and the role of seigneurial tenure in Canada East, 1851Arsenault Morin, Alex; Geloso, Vincent; Kufenko, Vadim
2015 Malthusian pressures: Empirical evidence from a frontier economyGeloso, Vincent; Kufenko, Vadim
2015 Business cycles in the economy and in economics: An econometric analysisGeiger, Niels; Kufenko, Vadim
2015 Stylized facts of the business cycle: Universal phenomenon, or institutionally determined?Kufenko, Vadim; Geiger, Niels
2014 The rise of behavioural economics: A quantitative assessmentGeiger, Niels
2014 Wachstums- und Investitionsdynamik in DeutschlandHagemann, Harald; Erber, Georg; Geiger, Niels; Schwarzer, Johannes; Zwiessler, Oliver
2014 The role of Old Believers' enterprises: Evidence from the nineteenth century Moscow textile industryRaskov, Danila; Kufenko, Vadim
2014 The political Kuznets curve for Russia: Income inequality, rent seeking regional elites and empirical determinants of protests during 2011/2012Hagemann, Harald; Kufenko, Vadim
2012 Wachstums- und Investitionsdynamik in DeutschlandErber, Georg; Hagemann, Harald
2012 Grenzen der Bildungsexpansion? Ausbildungsinadäquate Beschäftigung von Ausbildungs- und Hochschulabsolventen in DeutschlandRukwid, Ralf
2012 Empirical analysis of regional economic performance in Russia: Human capital perspectiveKufenko, Vadim
2011 Economic growth in the post-socialist Russian Federation after 1991: The role of InstitutionsDobler, Constanze; Hagemann, Harald
2011 Instability, economic stagnation and the role of islam in the North CaucasusDobler, Constanze
2011 An equilibrium model of 'global imbalances' revisitedKörner, Finn Marten
2010 Geographic concentration and spatial inequality: Two decades of EPO patenting at the level of European micro regionsChrist, Julian P.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 51
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