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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
17-Oct-2014Design Options for a Strategic Reserve for the German Power Market and International CoordinationNeuhoff, Karsten; Schwenen, Sebastian
24-Apr-2014Gas and Electricity Market Design for a Flexible Operation of Gas-fired Power PlantsNeuhoff, Karsten; Ruester, Sophia; Schwenen, Sebastian
18-Jan-2012Steuerliche Förderung von energetischen Sanierungen: Erfahrungen aus der PraxisAmecke, Hermann; Neuhoff, Karsten; Stelmakh, Kateryna
2015Intraday- and real time activity of TSOs: GermanyNabe, Christian; Neuhoff, Karsten
2015Bidding Structures and Trading Arrangements for Flexibility across EU Power MarketsNeuhoff, Karsten; Ritter, Nolan; Schwenen, Sebastian
2014Capacity Mechanisms in the European Context: Can we ensure internal market synergies?Neuhoff, Karsten; Schwenen,Sebastian
24-May-2013The Role of Contracting in European Electricity MarketsNeuhoff, Karsten
Sep-2011Thermal Efficiency Retrofit of Residential Buildings: The German ExperienceNeuhoff, Karsten; Amecke, Hermann; Novikova, Aleksandra; Stelmakh, Kateryna
Jun-2011Information tools for energy demand reduction in existing residential buildingsNovikova, Aleksandra; Amecke, Hermann; Neuhoff, Karsten; Stelmakh, Kateryna; Kiss, Bernadett; Rohde, Clemens; Dunkelberg, Elisa; Weiß, Julia; Matschoss, Kaisa; Darby, Sarah
Jul-2011Using Tax Incentives to Support Thermal Retrofits in GermanyNeuhoff, Karsten; Amecke, Hermann; Novikova, Alexandra; Stelmakh, Kateryna; Deason, Jeff; Hobbes, Andrew