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2021 IntroductionBasco, Rodrigo; Stough, Roger; Suwala, Lech
2021 The influence of eWOM credibility on visit intention: An integrative moderated mediation modelNechoud, Lamia; Ghidouche, Faouzi; Seraphin, Hugues
2021 Spatial familiness and family spatialities—searching for fertile ground between family business and regional studiesBasco, Rodrigo; Suwala, Lech
2021 The rise of shadow banking: Evidence from capital regulationIrani, Rustom; Iyer, Rajkamal; Meisenzahl, Ralf; Peydró, José-Luis
2021 The Impact of Marketing on The Business Performance of Companies: A Literature ReviewKöylüoğlu, A. Selçuk; Tosun, Petek; Doğan, Mesut
2021 A Real-Business-Cycle model with search-and-matching frictions and efficiency ("fair") wagesVasilev, Aleksandar
2021 Zur Theorie der MilitärlogistikAlexa, Andreas; Schorn, Christian
2021 Werkswohnen 2.0: die Wiederbelebung unternehmerischer WohnungsversorgungKitzmann, Robert; Lange, Margo; Michelczak, Geena
2021 Topic Modeling Uncovers Shifts in Media Framing of the German Renewable Energy ActDehler-Holland, Joris; Schumacher, Kira; Fichtner, Wolf
2021 Important shades in the meaning of military culture – an etymological studyDimitrov, Kiril
2021 Stuck at Zero: Price Rigidity in a Runaway InflationSnir, Avichai; Chen, Haipeng (Allan); Levy, Daniel
2021 A Real-Business-Cycle model with institutional quality: The Case of Bulgaria (1999-2018)Vasilev, Aleksandar
2021 Eine kurze Geschichte der Weltzollorganisation – aktuelle EntwicklungenWeerth, Carsten
2021 A Real-Business-Cycle model with endogenous discounting and a government sectorVasilev, Aleksandar
2021 The role of endogenous capital depreciation rate for business cycle dynamics: lessons from Bulgaria (1999-2018)Vasilev, Aleksandar
2021 A model with knowledge externalities and educational policyVasilev, Aleksandar
2021 Measuring the Efficiency of VAT Reforms: A Demand System Simulation ApproachTóth, Peter; Cupák, Andrej; Rizov, Marian
2021 The Effect of Board Composition and Managerial Pay on Saudi Firm PerformanceAl-Faryan, Mamdouh Abdulaziz Saleh
2021 Technology as enabler of the automation of work? Current societal challenges for a future perspective of workKrings, Bettina-Johanna; Moniz, António; Frey, Philipp
2021 Reexamining the influence of conditional cash transfers on migration from a gendered lens: CommentStark, Oded
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1117
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